Besides the “Big Eight”, what other Australian universities are worth studying?

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Macquarie University (MQU)MQU is a public research university located in the Sydney Metropolitan area, ranked 200th in the QS 2021.Its business ranking is relatively high, accounting major is “trump card” and very famous in the Asia-pacific region, whether Hong Kong or Singapore, people in the accounting circle know the Macquarie school.2. University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 5 minutes walk to Chinatown and Darling Harbour and 30 minutes to the Sydney Opera House!UTS is ranked 133rd in 2021QS for its excellent location.Compared with the Big Eight universities, it is a more practical university with many partners in the industry and a high employment rate is its selling point.The City campus of RMIT is located in the centre of Melbourne, the capital City of Victoria, where 90% of students study.RMIT’s design programs are outstanding, including communication design, industrial design and digital design.Although a design major will speak for itself in both large and small companies, the school background is just a plus, but RMIT also has many partners in the industry, while other students in the same major are busy writing reports, you may already be designing advertising for the company.Deakin University (DKU)DKU is one of the largest public universities in Australia, ranked 283 by QS in 2021.The university has four campuses, one of which is in Melbourne.The campus in Melbourne is sandwicched between two Chinese districts, so the school does not make great efforts to recruit students. Because there is no shortage of students, many students who go to Melbourne to stay with relatives will go to school there, so there are a lot of Chinese in the school.DKU has made rapid progress in recent years and has been admitted by CCTV. Its tuition is moderate and its MBA business department enjoys a high reputation, which makes it a low-key and luxurious university.5. University of Victoria (VU)VU has 8 campuses in Melbourne and 1 campus in Sydney. The main campus is located near the Yarra River in central Melbourne.It is the cheapest university in Australia. The cost of four semesters of MBA is about the same as that of eight business courses in one year.Although VU’s MBA is cheap, it is rated as the Top2 MBA courses in Australia.If your intention is to emigrate, VU is a good choice.Although VU’s reputation is not good compared with other universities, and the value of the certificate is not high, its individual majors are highly recognized in the local area.Popular majors: Automation and Control Engineering, Tourism and Hotel Management, Sports Management, lawSUT has maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with Harvard, MIT, Oxford and even Tsinghua University, focusing on student practice to improve employment rate.In addition, the tuition of SUT is also relatively low. Students majoring in design and IT can consider this college outside the eight major universities.Bond University (BD) is located in the gold Coast of Queensland, a popular tourist destination. It is a private college with less than one-tenth of the number of students in Sydney/THE University of Mexico. Most of the students are local students, and only 4% are Chinese students.For nine consecutive years, the Law School of the University has been rated by the Federal government as the best law teaching quality in Australia. Most of its graduates are employed by law firms in Commonwealth countries, and the employment rate of law graduates is the highest in Australia.In addition, although Bond University is often referred to as a “noble school” in terms of tuition fees, other costs are average.The school has excellent facilities, small classes, and because of the small number of students, students can get more support from the school in their study/internship.It is not difficult to transfer to another school in Australia. Many students will choose schools that can get more support for further study, so choosing Bond requires certain financial resources.Griffith University (GU) is a research-oriented public university with six campuses located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. According to THE QS rankings, GU is comparable to Nankai University in China.Due to its location as a tourist resort, the tourism and hotel management major of the university has always been ranked first in Australia. Students of related majors have no shortage of internship and job opportunities.9, The University of Tasmania (UTAS) has a total of 8 schools, 5 institutes, the quality of teaching between the domestic better second and 985, undergraduate high content, postgraduate level is poor.Going to TASHkent university always reminds people of the purpose of immigration, because the state’s immigration policy is also the university’s “trump card”, so people who hear about this school for the first time always think it will be a university of pheasants.UTAS is actually a four-star university, which is better than Melbourne’s Deakin and RMIT in some majors due to more resources invested.The surrounding environment of Tada is natural and leisurely, because it is easy to emigrate, there are many Chinese people, so there are many local Chinese restaurants.Popular majors: Medical Science, Accounting, Marine Science