Daofa stresses that softness prevails over strength

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“People are born weak and die strong.”Baby’s bones are soft, and the older they get, the harder they get.When you’re alive, your muscles and muscles are soft.After death, the body becomes rigid.”Everything grows brittle when it is born, and dies withered.”This is a natural phenomenon, softness is the performance of vitality, when death will become haggard and hard.”So the strong die and the weak live.”Lao Tzu emphasizes “soft” because of its vitality.Strong things belong to the category of death, weak things belong to the category of life.By observing the world, Lao Tzu realized that all living things are in a weak state, such as growing branches of vegetation;And dead things are hard, like dry trees.Everything that is growing is weak and will gradually gain an advantage.Downhill things tend to be extremely strong to the opposite, just like those who rely on their strength and use the military to try to be strong.In governing a country, being too tough is counterproductive; a soft approach promotes harmony.”If we are strong, we will be defeated. If we are strong, we will be strong.”If an army is too strong in battle, it is easy to encounter defeat and even destruction.This is true of all strong things. If wood is too hard, it breaks easily.Don’t be too tough, or you will get hurt easily.The strongest things are the softest.From the outward appearance of a thing, we can see its inner essence.Strong things are vulnerable to death because they stand out and bear the brunt of the impact.As “trees show in the forest, the wind will destroy it”, the tall trees will be broken by the wind.Even if it is not broken, it is easily felled.People are vulnerable to jealousy when their talents are too much on display.Laozi’s idea of “being weak is better than being strong” is reflected many times in the book.