“A Thousand Words” 32: Difficult to go back to the youth

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Social hot spots, workplace focus, focus of life, talking about the world;A family of words, nonsense nonsense, set thinking, a thousand words.In February and March 2013, there was a personnel change in the unit, and two leaders who had worked here for nearly 20 years were promoted and transferred to different positions.At the moment of parting, the two big brothers are lamenting that time is like water and youth is no longer, making us laters sigh, as if to see the scene of their own departure.People live a lifetime, vegetation an autumn, life is also in the gathering and parting, rise and fall, struggle and memory of the staggered completion of one stage after another.In other words, life is a process, from childhood to adulthood, from youth to maturity, from old age to death, no one can escape the natural law of happiness, happiness, illness and death.As for the vigor of youth, it is but a period of youthful frivolity.No matter how beautiful it is, it will be far away. No matter how difficult it is, it will die. This is the fate that youth cannot escape.In this sense, “rewalking youth” advocated by the TV series “Beijing Youth” is obviously a false proposition and a realistic task that cannot be accomplished.Even if you can really adjust your attitude to the level of “youth”, it is just pretending to be cute, deceiving yourself and others.I Revere the attitude of being positive and optimistic, but taking things as they come, doing what needs to be done at each stage, and then growing old gracefully and calmly, until you leave this world gracefully.Really don’t like those permanent youth, never old star, always feel those looks full of deception.Why should a public figure who has tried to erase the marks of time lead fashion and influence society?With a false face that doesn’t show the wind and rain of life?This may be biased or unkind.I just want to show their views on youth and life, that’s all.As a necessary stage in the course of life, youth in addition to infinite vitality, fearless, in fact, there is a corresponding lack of care, lack of understanding, always leave such and such regrets, but also to those who are eager to go back to youth to provide a basis for action.These friends may overlook the high and low barriers between dreams and reality, and underestimate the power of family and love to hold them back.In fact, how many people can do whatever they want to do regardless?Very few, I’m afraid.For example, many people have the dream of traveling around the world since childhood, but few people realize the dream.There are plenty of reasons: you study in your teens, you fall in love in your teens, you work in your prime years, and in your later years, you’re too busy caring for your grandchildren or fighting illness to have any easy time at your disposal.I envy those friends who can put down worldly fetters and admire the courage to give up everything for their dreams.To do that, in my opinion, is either a madman or a saint.Unfortunately, we are neither madmen nor saints, but ordinary as dirt, can not leave the fireworks of the human world.Too many cares and fetters, let us again and again to choose compromise or submission, the dream is also in plain light, soup water days gradually go gradually far, until oblivion not a trace was found.Perhaps the wisest thing to do is to retain the beauty of those years, learn to forget and forgive those hardships or mistakes, and then move forward calmly and steadily on the road ahead.On March 3, 2013 in Shenyang, Liaoning, and on January 27, 2022 in Hedong, Tianjin