LOL: Foreign media updated the global battle power list, after losing to IG, BLG ranking dropped rapidly, T1 came top strongly

2022-06-05 0 By

Uzi lost to IG, but the LPL audience was sensible and did not react too aggressively to Uzi’s debut. We can only say that Uzi is lucky. If he had lost in the early days of solitary swimmers, Uzi would have been the target of public criticism.He is playing in the form of firefighters, and also led to win a game, the third the decider has little to do with him, ueno is opposite the burst is the key to lose the game, as the game finished many in the audience began to reassess the war team strength, after all, the strength of the players now could affect the back of the Asian games.

Foreign media reported the latest global power list of T1 team to be the king of the eight straight posture govinda, do you remember the last time they ranked no. 5, the progress too fast, more pity is GEN team there are two key players confirmed, cause them to lose a few games, if GEN is finished all the feeling the first should be their,In second, EDG team, although the loss to the WBG but does not affect their status, S11 world champion player-wise or to respect, more pity is they let zhu, this also indirectly led to the gun’s ailing elder brother, the two men worked together for many years, can say zhu mastered the use of the gun elder brother.
The third, fourth and fifth places are RESPECTIVELY LNG, WBG and RNG. With the poor performance of TES and BLG, these three ranks are reasonable, because the strength of the three teams is not much different, especially the LNG team has great potential, it depends on whether someone in the team can deal with it or not. If RNG was not locked out by V5, I feel that their ranking can be further advanced.The sixth team is V5 team, who picked up a bunch of players rejected by other teams in the transfer period and achieved a record of 5-1. They are the biggest dark horse in the transfer period. The most horrible thing is that this team has no obvious weakness, as long as the nakano state is maintained, the strength of this team will not be worse.

DiQiBa GEN and DK, ranking the first GEN excusable, as for the DK is purely on single hip, they the existence of this combination is one of top in LCK nakano, the road is also very severe, but with fixed on single ah, now a little GRF before the taste of the lost to BLG team ranking fell sharply after IG, now ranks ninth,Uzi did a great job in his debut, otherwise they would have dropped out of the top 10. The biggest problem with BLG is ueno’s poor form, it will be very hopeful if it is corrected.

To summarize the foreign media list, compared to the last time is reasonable, then to the LNG will T1 fifth row first, is not to say that LNG is ranked first, mainly the team is not stable, have seen their audience before all know that there are a lot of game is on Tarzan arrived one day, this situation is equivalent to the previous four confirmed the RNG,Just now with a confirmed four, when a team to take an examination of a person to Carry, it absolutely can’t get this team champion, twice EDG rankings are very stable, BLG slipped down here is very reasonable, as for the V5 can also related to their performance on the list, if on a team and player in the IG, will they make the top five is also acceptable.