Langfang 3 plus 2 schools which

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Langfang 3 + 2 schools include: Langfang Electronic Information Engineering School, Sanhe Vocational and technical Education Center, Gu ‘an County Vocational middle school, Hebei Langfang Technician School, Bazhou Vocational education general School.1. First, Sanhe Vocational and Technical Education Center: The school is a full-time secondary vocational school run by the state.Based on mechanical processing, early childhood education, computer and so on, the school strengthens the construction of majors and courses, and takes the road of education and teaching combining work with work.In 2004, it was rated as “national Key secondary vocational school” by the Ministry of Education.On September 27, 2018, Sanhe Vocational And Technical Education Center was designated as “National Secondary Vocational Education Reform and Development Demonstration School” by the Ministry of Education.2. Langfang Technician School of Hebei Province is the second: the school covers an area of 38,300 square meters, with a building area of 39,300 square meters. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 50 million yuan, and the total value of fixed assets is nearly 240 million yuan.There are 238 staff members, 128 full-time teachers, 82 teachers with senior professional titles, and 2200 students.It has 13 functional organs and 4 Party-mass organs.The teaching system consists of four departments, one center, including mechanical engineering department, Electrical Engineering Department, computer Science Department, clothing catering department, basic teaching department and mechanical and electrical training center.It has three qualifications of schooling education, academic education and short-term skill training.3. Finally, Bazhou Vocational Education General School:The university is located in Yuhuadong Road, Bazhou City, the first city in south Beijing, covering an area of 130 mu with a construction area of 46,222 square meters. It has two teaching buildings and one training building with advanced teaching facilities.It has a high standard of language lab, computer lab, finance simulation room, physiology and anatomy room, nursing laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, multi-functional activity hall and electronics, NUMERICAL control mold, machining, welding and other training centers.Perfect living facilities, there are two apartment dormitory buildings, and a supporting canteen, restaurant.