The greatest helplessness in life is to have to face all do not want to face

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When a person is young, to grow up, old after the biggest helplessness is to have to face what problem childhood, the biggest helplessness is to have to face poverty.Poverty puts us at the starting line at birth.When you are poor, you have nothing to eat or wear, not to mention a better school to look forward to.While poverty sharpens our will, it also makes us live a humble life and lose many opportunities.Some people are poor for a lifetime because of poverty, while others find a turning point in poverty and escape it.Growing up, the biggest helplessness is to have to face pressure.There is both work pressure and life pressure.There is both learning pressure and competitive pressure.All kinds of pressures can sometimes overwhelm us.In the face of pressure, some people turn pressure into power and make progress;Some people are helpless in the face of stress anxiety depression;Some people face pressure muddle along decadent numb.When you grow old, the biggest frustration is that you have to face aging.The aging of the body, the aging of the mind can not be avoided, can not be cast off.At this time we, when the young rhetoric is no, no high-spirited.To speak or act cautiously;I dare not speak loudly for fear of startling people behind me.In the face of aging, some people calmly adapt to the positive attitude, and some people pessimistic and afraid of the negative attitude.Poverty, stress, aging, you don’t want to face, but you have to face, this is the big world, this is the world.