Xingtai traffic police women tieqi squadron Spring Festival “do not close”, stick to the post to ensure smooth

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Spring Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival, but also a beautiful moment for family reunion.In order to ensure the smooth traffic order of the city during the Spring Festival, and strive to create a safe and peaceful festive atmosphere for the people, all members of the Traffic police detachment of Xingtai City Public Security Bureau are on duty to ensure the smooth traffic on the road and the people’s safe travel with their practical actions!February 1 is the first day of the Chinese New Year, the reporter along with xingtai traffic police xiangdu district a brigade of women’s cavalry squadron police officers on the post, experience the first line of female traffic police behind the ups and downs.Xingtai xiangdu district, a large group of women’s iron riding squadron is the only traffic police detachment of Xingtai mainly composed of female police force team.Though she is a woman, she won’t let him.Lv Shihua is a typical representative.Reporters learned that Lu Shihua’s home in Handan city, her husband often travel for work, she also has to work overtime, the children have been at home by the grandmother.”I feel I owe my children the most because I have not spent enough time with them since childhood.”One of lu shihua’s deepest memories was of a night spent investigating drunk driving.That day the child was sick at home, and just arranged to lv Shihua in the squadron organization night check drunk driving task.I went back to the dormitory in the early morning and opened my cell phone to find that my child had called me 18 times.”I couldn’t bear to cry. I felt so guilty about my baby.”On the morning of New Year’s Day, the main streets of the city are still busy.Lv Shihua and his teammates patrol to yi Delong commercial Street, stop the motorcycle immediately after the command dredging, a turn slowly on the private car stretched out a small head, waving at Lv Shihua, “police aunt, happy New Year!””When I was on duty, I often met children or people who greeted me. I felt warm at that moment and what I did was worth it.”Lv shihua said.What remains unchanged is the original intention of the police since he joined the work in 2008, Lv Shihua has gone through the 15th year of the police.Now she has grown from a young girl into a valiant female traffic police.In the past 15 years, she has won the honorary titles of “Third class merit” once and “March eighth Red Flag Bearer” and “Top ten Policemen” twice in Xingtai City.”What we have paid is silently sticking to our ordinary posts, sacrificing precious time with our families, but what we have gained is the trust of the people!”Lu shihua said that the honor belongs to the past, the future will always be the same, do not forget the original aspiration, fulfill the mission, live up to the youth, with their own dedication and adherence, loyalty and love, take every step of the police.(Yandu Rong Media Reporter Zhang Huiwu correspondent Huang Peng)