Cizhou kiln old and new difficult to distinguish?Will you know how to read this article

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As cizhou kiln is the largest folk kiln in northern China since the Song Dynasty, it is natural for its products to be copied.However, Cizhou kiln has been mainly engaged in the production of civilian daily necessities, and has not been paid attention to by the royal family and dignitaries for quite a long time. Therefore, the history of imitation or “forgery” for the purpose of economic interests is not long.Magnetic state kiln white ground black flower bottle YunFeng lines of quaternary magnetic state kiln in the style of the ancient ceramic imitations, time can largely be set in the nearly hundred years or so, especially in the past 20 years, in the homeland of the magnetic state kiln Peng Cheng, appeared many antique porcelain workshop, many modern imitations of magnetic state kiln porcelain pillow reached very high levels, partly mimic a few can be spurious.Genuine and imitation products are circulating in the market at the same time, so how to distinguish the authenticity has become the primary problem for porcelain lovers.Tangyan fierce mountain valley magnetic state kiln kiln imitation of anhui huaibei kiln imitation cizhou kiln in shanxi steak righteousness, imitation cizhou kiln henan shenhou imitation cizhou kiln has some replicas, the modelling of yuan dynasty, and draw on the adornment of the song dynasty, this kind of situation need to appreciator of each era should understand modelling, adornment, can have some idea of when appreciating gives a comparative analysis.In addition, the identification of porcelain is also very important.From the observation of ceramic material science, the texture of ancient Cizhou kiln porcelain is mostly loose body, and the glaze melts well, which belongs to the state of glaze ripe and embryo immature.The mud used in modern replicas is different in thickness from that used to be.Cizhou kiln white ground black flowers yunfeng pattern four series of bottles (local) close study, is the ancient and modern raw material processing means different.In the past, the donkey was used to pull the mud rake, and the big green mud through the mud trough flow to achieve the purpose of screening the thickness, and after long-term ups and downs treatment, to achieve the best mud.Now the use of modern mechanical equipment processing, fast grinding, fast crushing, fast mud training, and then the use of vacuum mud training machine, the whole processing cycle is accelerated, and because of the use of ball grinding, which is mixed with a lot of other ingredients.Magnetic state kiln white ground black flower character figure pillow but there is a very difficult to jigan fake products, that is “old tyres new painting”, imitators to buy from the old tires, with low kiln fire smoked, remove moisture, and then colored glaze, temperature slow burn, no flaw on the ceramic tyres, so will pay more attention to the density of the embryo glaze combination when appraisal situation, the effect of coloured drawing or pattern, etc.At the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively look at the combination of cizhou kiln tire glaze. Some cizhou kiln utensils that have been in the soil can be seen on the traces of corrosion. There are often small pieces on the glaze, and the marks of soil invasion and corrosion can be seen in the grain.The marks are natural, quite different from those made with acid.Corrosion marks often appear at carved patterns and turning points.Real soil invasion by grain invasion, often up to the color surface, resulting in a white cloud like material covering it, this coverage is more or less, irregular to follow.Modern imitations also often intentionally produce such corrosion marks, but often show signs of artificial forgery.The characteristics of the natural cladding of the bottom of the porcelain itself is an important basis for identification, but because of the baptism of time, the well-preserved porcelain will also have some natural wear phenomenon, these are the main basis for identification.Any piece of porcelain, as long as it is old, unless it is preserved in the palace, then in the folk or whatever environment you are under, you look at it, it will have some fine natural scratches.There are more or less, there are deep and shallow, so these natural scratches, we must see more, in order to form a certain acuity in the brain.After the natural opening piece of utensils has theoretical knowledge, appraisers are going to learn to observe more genuine goods, from genuine goods, extensive and in-depth study of its burning history, material characteristics and burning methods, painting techniques and material differences.As we mentioned before, cizhou kiln products mainly use black color paintings as common products. In the decoration of carving and printing, white ground and black flowers are most common, and there are also plain white carved flowers.In the identification of carving, picking the class of utensils, special attention should be paid to the exposed body to be able to see some small cracks inadvertently scattered around, this is an important feature.In addition, there should be knife marks on the carved body. This knife mark should be crisp and strong. Under the magnifying glass, you can see that the body is fat and greasy in the cracking place, and there are brown iron points, which is also a characteristic of identification.No matter how good the forger is, there will be shortcomings and flaws. As long as the connoisseur is knowledgeable, he will be able to repair the piercing eyes.Appreciation needs to be calm and comprehensive analysis, careful discrimination, and cautious conclusion.Cizhou kiln white ground black horse play figure pillow modern imitation cizhou kiln ceramics, intentional imitator preparation of tire material, glaze are as far as possible to use the traditional manual method.But after new pottery and porcelain burn, glaze pan has a kind of anger, appear very impetuous.The imitator will usually use hydrofluoric acid immersion, soil and other methods, in an attempt to remove the surface of the floating light.Can be like the Song Dynasty magnetic state kiln black glaze presented by the dark black feeling even after means of processing, also can not be imitated.Generally speaking, the luster of glaze is rigid, or as if paint had been general, without aura at all.Modern imitation cizhou kiln Chinese porcelain products emerge in an endless stream, there are also a lot of excellent imitation products popular in the world, it can be said that for thousands of years made ancient porcelain is almost everywhere.In recent years, scientific testing methods have been applied to the identification of ancient ceramics.However, the traditional ceramic appraisal method can make a more accurate judgment on the social attribute of ancient ceramics, so as to deduce the production age, kiln mouth and its historical value, scientific value, artistic value and economic value.Its role can not be neglected, but also any advanced scientific instruments can not be replaced.For more porcelain related knowledge, click on Li Guogang’s Ancient Porcelain Identification Series tutorial below!