Feb 14, 2022 Sharing of study notes

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1. It’s a good book if you read a book and feel like you’ve been hit in the back of the head with a bang, a buzz in your head, and suddenly have doubts about something you once took for granted without thinking about it.2. Fear, one of the most basic emotions, naturally occupies our attention: if we don’t learn to live with it, our attention will be distracted by challenging fears.If we learn to see fear as a challenge, rather than fear its consequences, attention will naturally focus.3. The fugitive successful phenomenon, I summarized the points 1, became can endure, be humiliated, 2 endure gas is to endure, becomes the self-discipline, highly disciplined, even more than ten years no friends entertainment 3, becomes can bear, willing to do what others don’t want to 4, there is no retreat, learn to do things more pure into 5, feel time is running out, a sense of urgency,To be successful, you must live like an outlaw.Whenever we do anything, there are always a bunch of people making comments.Is it important?Of course not.Who arranged it for youIs he satisfied?2. Can the personnel for the key links be properly implemented?If not, replace him.Have a clear conscience.With regard to employing people, if the ability is not good, it can be cultivated;If you don’t agree, get out!5. Start with the end. Look forward through your binoculars, not at your child with a magnifying glass