Play with me, will you?!Sniper 2 will be audio game instead of FPS?

2022-06-06 0 By

Is it an official thing to do in a shooter game?You will see it today.Life and death sniper 2 official in order to all players worship the New Year, out of a “Fu Tiger to send tifu” small game to send a wave of welfare, successful sharing can get the national style tiger big head hero “fat tiger big wusheng”, to tell the truth, white piao things don’t white don’t.F tiger send roller this little game is essentially a falling tone to swim, after all, the People’s Daily, the official is to give players happy New Year, the game interface in addition to some necessary component, is also very happy, falling in the game is gift symbol, when arrived at the bottom of the yellow line click gun button is stuck to the, scored the highest, most allow mistake three times.The higher a player’s score in a game, the greater the probability of getting a tiger.Tiger symbol is equivalent to the official red envelope for the year of the Tiger. Using tiger symbol, you can offer random red envelope, peripheral, jingdong card and other physical rewards, as well as a large number of game gifts such as limited gun skin.Or that sentence, white whoring thing is really not white don’t, this we can not gather together a lively get a red envelope?When players reach 5W points at the end of the game, the function of “gun music sharing” will be added to the page, and the music of players’ stuck points will be “authentic” and saved for you to share with your friends.Good players are respected by everyone.Although simple, but this small game can be said to be all the five viscera, nothing to play a play, on the figure of a joy, but also chance to draw a red envelope, is indeed a very good choice.