The road ahead is long

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In the New Year, put a holiday, no specific task can do.While I was idle, I suddenly remembered that I was busy all the year round with something serious to do and never devoted myself to recreation.It’s up to you. Play!At the stroke of a pen, grant yourself a special day!Think of the past to play the game of summoning the Divine Dragon, has not succeeded, is really a pity and unwilling, then continue to play, open play.Keep trying and keep losing. Keep trying and keep losing.Half a day, still lost a complete mess.Say countless times “do not play”, and always unwilling to restart.A game can never succeed, just like trudging in the dark night without hope, giving up, unwilling, moving forward, and lack of motivation.Just to play is enough, and the worst is, always think of the law of the jungle.A lonely and helpless tadpole, constantly forward, savings strength, from frogs, turtles, small goldfish to koi, electric eel, shark, as their own strong, opponents and enemies are more and more, more and more dangerous, slightly not careful, all previous efforts abandoned, was eliminated.It’s too difficult!When I was certain THAT I would never succeed, someone said to me, “I have seen people who have succeeded in summoning dragons do it with great patience, by the water’s edge.”Influenced by the words, slightly stronger, I stayed in the shallow water, swimming slowly, like a family with a mouth, careful, following the pace.Annoyingly, however, it is not possible to protect yourself by staying on the sidelines and not antagonising powerful enemies.The eels and the sharks come and they surround you, and you run and you lose everything, and you get eaten very quickly.In particular, this is not about the situation, always reminds me of the early years of professional title assessment dilemma.You fight for it, you’ll be beaten down by opponents who will mock you for overreaching.You give up and want to be alone?Nor can I.People around you will also not let you go, but ridicule you and you.People in rivers and lakes, who can not stay out of trouble.If advance and retreat are two difficult inferences, it is better to be aggressive at the beginning.”To go to the middle is also eaten, hide in the side, or be eaten, anyway, sooner or later to be eaten, it is better to head on, to the middle, to the resources of the place.”I sighed helplessly.For a moment, I saw and felt the complexity and difficulty of life and life in the game.For a moment, I became a little tadpole, a little goldfish, rushing about in the boundless underwater world.Thinking that sooner or later they will be eaten, and that they can’t hold on to summon the dragon anyway, what are you afraid of? Let go and run to those sharks, whales and small green dragons, where there are abundant resources, in the encircling and blocking, to rob, to eat, to chase and play.It was with this fearless attitude and courageous attitude that I unexpectedly found myself turning into a little green dragon, invincible and able to summon the magic dragon while eating up all the creatures in the sea!It’s not easy!!Once I was careful, treading on thin ice, but repeatedly failed.Once I was lost and disappointed and lost all direction.Finally, I was no longer afraid of losing, faced up to the difficulties and marched forward, and success and victory began to wave to me.Turns out games are just like life.New Year new atmosphere, new beginning, can have such experience and comprehension, is really a good harvest.