The saga is coming to an end!Will The Vw Santana be discontinued and the POLO hatch replaced?

2022-06-06 0 By

As we all know, jetta has changed its way of existence among the “three old automobiles”, while Santana has been upgraded several times and still sticks to the front line.Data show: In January 2022, Santana sold 12,343 units.Looking back at 2021, the company is expected to achieve average monthly sales of 10,000 units.For a “living fossil” model that has been in the Chinese market for nearly 40 years, Santana can still be so popular in China, it shows its success.All good things must come to an end, and it is said that Santana may soon stop production.The root cause is that WHILE VW already uses MQB, MLB, MLB EVO, Santana is sticking with PQ25 to keep prices affordable.Although it has certain advantages, it also leads to some obvious shortcomings, such as ergonomics, comfortable configuration, technology configuration and so on, which are the deficiencies of Santana today.Look at the same price of independent brand models, in all aspects of the performance is relatively better.Hero also has a late twilight, Santana out of the stage of history, marking the upgrade of the domestic automobile consumer market.As mentioned above, santana’s biggest product advantage is durable leather, but in the final analysis, the so-called durable leather, in fact, the configuration is too low, there is no bad place.Although santana’s powertrain and chassis do not have problems, but in the face of the current electrified and intelligent competitors, especially in the face of young consumers, Santana has no strong competitiveness, just take an independent brand car, can be all-round better than Santana.Based on the new MQB platform, Polo hatchback not only uses more advanced configuration, exterior modeling and interior design, as well as technology configuration more in line with the aesthetic of today’s consumers.Given that santana’s official withdrawal from the market may take some time, the Volkswagen Group’s new EVO engine cannot be ruled out for the Polo in the future.As for the body size, considering that santana is a whole lap bigger than Polo, polo hatchback is likely to be upgraded according to the body length and wheelbase in the future. Without any accident, the body length will reach 4550mm-4600mm and the wheelbase will reach 2600mm-2650mm.In the current environment, the biggest competitors of POLO are Jetta and Toyota Vios, which have established independent brands, as well as Ford Fleiss.However, in my opinion, the joint venture small/compact cars may be slightly outdated product power, long comfortable move, Geely Emgrand and other independent brand cars may be the biggest competitors.Finally, as a “god”, santana witnessed China’s auto market from 99% dependent on imports, and then gradually 50:50 joint venture, to changan, chery, Great Wall and geely, byd independent brands such as flowers, has fully equipped with world class car companies, brands, santana such “old-timers”, a “living fossil” absolute “,What do you say?Disclaimer: some of the pictures and content in this article are from the network, if there is infringement or false reports, please contact us within 30 days after the release of this article to modify or delete, otherwise it will be regarded as an initiative to give up its relevant rights and interests.