All toll roads in Beijing are free of tolls for passenger cars during qingming Holiday

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China News network on March 31According to the official Weibo account of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport on Wednesday, the qingming Festival will be held from April 3 to 5, 2022. All toll roads in Beijing will be free of toll from 0:00 On April 3 to 24:00 on April 5.00, the estimated daily traffic volume of expressways is 1.5 million vehicles, down 47% from 2021.The Qingming Festival in 2022 will be held from April 3 to 5, 2022. During the holiday, it is expected that the activities of citizens such as mourning and outing will be superimposed, which will increase the passenger flow in Beijing’s parks, suburban tourist attractions, cemeteries and other areas, and increase the traffic pressure on surrounding roads and urban roads.During the holidays, all toll roads in Beijing will be free of tolls for vehicles with 7 seats or less, and the free passage period will be from 0:00 on April 3 to 24:00 on April 5, 2022. It is estimated that the average daily traffic volume of expressways will be 1.5 million vehicles, down 47% from 2021.Due to the impact of the epidemic and other factors, passenger flow in and out of Beijing will be at a low level. It is estimated that the average daily passenger traffic of railway, civil aviation and inter-provincial passenger traffic in and out of Beijing will be 210,000, down nearly 80% from the same period in 2021.In terms of urban transportation, it is estimated that the daily average passenger volume of ground buses and rail transit is 5.79 million and 7.34 million, respectively, up by 1.5% and 5.3% compared with the same period in 2021.The rail transit will extend the evening peak operation time according to the situation, and focus on ensuring the transport capacity of scenic spots, business circles and adjacent mausoleum lines.Ten special lines of ground buses have been opened for tomb sweeping, and temporary stops have been set up near the cemetery to evacuate passengers in time.The city’s transportation system will continue to strictly implement normal epidemic prevention and control, make every effort to ensure traffic during the Qingming Festival holiday, and provide safe and smooth travel services for citizens.Citizens are expected to travel to the city suburb Long distance travel across the province to reduce highway is expected to average daily traffic volume 1.5 million fell 47% year on year during the holiday, is expected to increase citizen outing travel martyrs, spring outing, give priority to in order to travel outside the city, long distance across the province travel less, average daily traffic road network compared with usual rose slightly,The traffic flow of municipal parks, suburban tourist attractions, cemeteries and other areas around roads and urban roads is concentrated, but affected by the epidemic has decreased compared with last year, and the decrease of expressways is more obvious.The average daily traffic volume on expressways is expected to be about 1.5 million vehicles, down about 47 percent year-on-year, with the peak coming on the first day of the holiday (April 3), when traffic volume was about 1.6 million vehicles.Beijing west, rich in tourism resources in northern area, during the holiday, ta-qing get citizen martyrs overlay characteristics significantly, is expected to mutianyu Great Wall in northern area, red screw temple scenic area and phoenix mountain cemetery of Beijing huairou, bearing the toll station, wide ditch toll station, north road, long, the miaofeng mountains to the west, 18 pool scenic area and tianshan cemetery six army toll station,Tanzhesi and ten thousand Buddha Overseas Chinese Cemetery sixth ring Road Shimenying toll station will be more prominent during peak hours traffic pressure.Some sections of expressways entering and leaving urban areas have obvious festival characteristics, with traffic congestion concentrated in the morning while traffic congestion concentrated in the afternoon.The city’s expressways will ensure 100% lane opening rate during peak hours.Please arrange the travel time reasonably, try to travel in the wrong peak, in case of heavy traffic, please follow the command of the site management personnel, orderly passage.During the holiday period, it is expected that the average daily passenger volume of the city’s rail transit will reach 7.34 million, up 5.3% compared with the same period in 2021.On first day afternoon rush possible peak passenger flow concentration, long duration, etc, the rail transit will pay close attention to traffic, ranks second in the plan, on the basis of the situation and extend the peak operation 1 hours later, and strengthen the change to the channel, stair, elevators and other key parts of the unattended, patrol, channel, ensure the security of the citizens in order to travel.For citizens of holiday travel, rail transit will focus on north forest park south gate station, north sea, lakes, the east gate of the temple of heaven, the zoo park scenic area surrounding the station, wangfujing and xidan, youth, such as business circle surrounding the station of passenger transport organization, and strengthen shuttle orbital station operation security, part of the line “as delay.At the same time, we should pay close attention to changes in passenger flow at railway stations, airports, scenic spots and business districts, optimize driving plans, prepare for additional temporary passengers, and effectively evacuate large passenger flows.In view of the large number of passengers transferring from Bagou Station of Line 10 to The Western Suburb Line, measures for diversion, traffic restriction and personnel deployment will be refined at Bagou Station, and communication and coordination with bus groups and local governments will be strengthened to ensure the safety and orderly organization of large passenger transfer.In order to serve the citizens’ pilgrimage, the rail transit will add temporary buses in time to meet the needs of passengers on the basis of ensuring the transport capacity of line 1, Line S1, Line 4, Line 15, Line 16 and other lines close to the cemetery.At the same time, the line 1 babaoshan subway station (near the babaoshan cemetery), line 15 FengBo station (near tianzhu cemetery), line 4 days house standing (near heaven cemetery), line S1 stone factory station (near thousands of Buddha overseas Chinese cemetery), line 4, 16 west station (near west jingyuan cemetery), and other tombs around 5 station, focuses on the basis of the passengers in the morning and in the morning the outbound,In the escalator, the gate group and other key parts of the evacuation, organize passengers to quickly exit the station, to ensure the safety of public travel.Ground buses have opened 10 special lines for tomb sweeping to focus on holiday passenger transport and memorial services during holidays. It is estimated that the average daily passenger volume of ground buses in the city is 5.79 million, up 1.5% compared with the same period in 2021.For holiday eve concentrated passenger flow characteristics may occur, will focus on okm, dongzhimen, big north kiln, sixmilebridge, come wide battalion commuter route node and the hub station passenger flow changes, in advance arrange motor capacity, according to the traffic situation was put into operation, increase capacity at peak security and order maintenance work platform.During holidays, the dispatching command and monitoring of key routes passing badaling, Xiangshan, Botanical Garden and other park scenic spots will be strengthened.At the same time, the transport capacity of key lines passing through six railway stations will be increased, and bus connections at railway stations will be ensured to ensure the safe, smooth and orderly travel of citizens.For the convenience of citizens, 111 regular routes passing through 18 cemeteries and cemeteries will be guaranteed by ground buses, and the transport capacity will be increased in time according to changes in passenger flow.Since March 19, 10 special lines for grave sweeping have been opened to five cemeteries, including Taizi Valley Cemetery, Tonghui Cemetery, Wenquan Cemetery, Tianci Cemetery and Badaling People’s Cemetery, with sufficient transport capacity.From 7 am to 11:30 am on Qingming Holiday, bus No. 1 (laoshan bus station to Sihui Hub Station) will temporarily add subway Babaoshan station on Shangzhuang Street, and arrange motor vehicles to evacuate the passenger flow from Subway Babaoshan Station to the cemetery at any time;Futian Parking lot station of Bus No. 914 will be used as a temporary parking lot for vehicles of the tomb sweeping society, and the management and distribution of the station will be strengthened to ensure orderly entry and exit of vehicles and standardized parking.To ensure the smooth travel of citizens during holidays, the municipal transportation department will strengthen the operation and scheduling of taxis and ensure the transport capacity of railway stations, bus stations, airports, tourist attractions and other key areas.If there is a serious shortage of transport capacity in case of heavy passenger flow, bad weather and emergencies, we will promptly guide empty taxis and organize standby vehicles to guarantee transport capacity.In order to ensure the grave point and orderly flow of surrounding roads, in view of the babaoshan cemetery, wanan cemetery, golden hill cemetery, grave points around parking demand situation, the municipal traffic department will to grave points around the parking lot, temporary grave shuttle bus when starting station patrol inspections on the surrounding area, to find problems in time and properly handle.For the illegal acts such as black charges, arbitrary charges and unauthorized setting of road parking Spaces discovered by the inspection, they shall be promptly handed over to the public security traffic management and urban management comprehensive law enforcement departments for handling according to law.For rail transit stations, bus stations, transportation hubs, business centers, tourist attractions and other areas prone to shared bike clustering, we will increase operation and maintenance scheduling, arrange special forces to maintain order, meet citizens’ cycling needs, and standardize the order of vehicle parking.Intensify law enforcement and supervision to maintain transportation environment in order to do a good job in the tomb-sweeping day holiday this year traffic transportation environment protection, the Beijing municipal transportation comprehensive law enforcement team organization to carry out the first special regulation, surrounding the disease prevention and control, industry order and operation safety has carried on the comprehensive governance of the February, scrutiny of various kinds of illegal behavior, eliminate safety hidden trouble.During the holiday, the law enforcement team will start special work, around the key time and area of the citizens’ memorial activities, outing, strengthen the law enforcement supervision of the station, cemetery, park scenic area, commercial blocks, railway stations, and the main roads in and out of Beijing, see and play a combination of strict investigation, joint attendance linkage, joint remediation.To rent car, “a guest of the two crisis”, cold chain transportation, mechanics, water residue in a cruise ship, rail transit, road quality control and other key industries, because of all kinds of violating traffic transportation and epidemic prevention measures, affect the transportation environment order, infringes upon the lawful interests of passengers illegal illegal activities, holiday travel for citizens and create a good environment for the transportation of order.During the holidays, Beijing’s transportation industry will continue to strictly implement all measures of epidemic prevention and control, and public transport vehicles and station public areas will be ventilated and disinfected according to regulations.All rail transit and inter-provincial passenger stations strictly implement the requirement that passengers wear masks when entering and boarding stations to ensure passengers’ safety.Here, the city’s transportation department also suggested that the majority of passengers civilized ride, take the initiative to cooperate with the company and passengers to take their temperature into the station, wear masks throughout the whole journey.Transport authorities will flexibly schedule transport capacity according to changes in passenger flow, increase publicity and guidance personnel at key stations to ensure the safe operation of public transport and timely release information on highway conditions.It is suggested that the general public take good personal protection during holidays, check travel information in advance, choose public transportation as far as possible, and make green trips and off-peak trips.​​​​