If Wu Song is responsible for escorting life gang, that chao Build, Wu still can get it?

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“Outlaws of the Marsh” is one of the four classics of ancient times, the book successfully created a very classic image of Liangshan 100 single eight generals.So how did the story of the 108 heroes of Liangshan begin?It did not start with Hong tae-wei letting the demon go, but with “outwitting the birth class.”After stealing the outline of birth, the location of “Liang Shan” was introduced in the book, which also started the main story line of “Gathering righteousness liang Shan”.The story of “outwitting the gang of birth” must be very familiar to everyone, Yang Zhi in order to return to the imperial court and took the responsibility of escorting the gang of birth.To avoid an accident, Yang Zhi is careful everywhere, the result still is given by bai Sheng with Mongolian sweat medicine to Mongolian turn over, final birth Chen gang is robbed by chao Build, Wu uses the person such as go.If Wu Song is responsible for escorting birth gang, Chao Gai and Wu Use can succeed?In the novel Water Margin, chao Gai and Gongsun Sheng are the organizers of outwitting the outline of birth, and Wu Yong is the mastermind.Wu uses this person is a typical “dog head military adviser”, he does not have great wisdom and strategy, only a belly plot and trick, one move is bound to be the next three indiscriminate style.Today, let’s not talk about some of his schemes to get rid of children. Let’s talk about wu’s schemes to get rid of his birthday outline.First of all, Wu’s main strategy was to use the Mongolian medicine to deceive Yang Zhi and his entourage.The author thinks that this strategy is too random, if Yang Zhi can control his subordinates, is not to buy the wine, then this strategy will be a complete failure.In addition, Liang zhongshu knew that the escort of the birthday plan passed several dangerous places, such as Purple Mountain, Erlong Mountain, Peach blossom Mountain, Huangai Mountain and Huangnigang. He wanted to send 500 soldiers to escort it, but Yang Zhi refused.If there are really 500 soldiers to follow Yang Zhi escort born Chen Gang, Chao Gai, Gongsun sheng, Ruan three male they seven people pushing a car to sell wine estimates are not enough to drink.Another is, after outwitting the birth class, Wu used no remedial strategy.Liu Tangyi head red hair, chao Build is the big celebrity, bai Sheng confessions immediately after the incident.If it is not song Jiang this eat from the inside out of the villain to a chao Gai messenger, chao Gai they a group of people who also can not run.The author’s meaning is that Wu Yong’s level of wisdom is very poor, and his “outwitting birthday outline” is full of luck.Why wu uses the level of resourcefulness so poor, Yang Zhi still failed?Let’s analyze the reasons for the failure of Yang Zhi escort Chen Gang.Yang Zhi fails the main reason, be his experience of all corners of the country is too bad.Yang Zhi is after the general, he is in the two army battle on the battlefield charge is ok, but he is on the river’s lake strongman cut path, the next medicine and so on routine know nothing about.If he had followed Liang zhongshu’s advice and led 500 soldiers to escort him, it is estimated that no mountain would have dared to move the outline of the birthday.Just because Yang Zhi is not a jianghu, he does not understand the strength of each hill.Another main reason was that Yang Zhi did not know how to sympathize with the soldiers. He beat or cursed the soldiers, which led to the escort team’s dissatisfaction with him.In this way, Yang Zhi’s orders would not be convincing to his subordinates.In order to hide his position, Yang Zhi did not use any chariots and horses and made each soldier carry a load of more than 100 jin.Under the scorching sun, the soldiers were very tired. At noon, no one wanted to go any more. Yang Zhi immediately turned against him.”Outlaws of the Marsh” in the original description as follows: Yang Zhi took a cane to say: “one does not walk, eat an twenty stick!”Yang Zhi scold way: “this beast forbid dead an, just beg dozen.”Pick up the cane and hit him in the face.Through the above analysis, we have a general understanding of the loophole of Wu’s scheme and the cause of Yang Zhi’s failure.So, if Wu Song is in charge of escorting life gang, chao Gai and Wu use can they still succeed?The biggest difference between Wu Song and Yang Zhi is that Wu Song is not a military general, he is a wandering ranger in the river’s lake.Wu Song’s all corners of the country experience is very rich, his intuition is very keen, all kinds of means on all corners of the country hide but Wu Song that eagle like eyes.In the novel Outlaws of the Marsh, When Wu Song passes by Sun Erniang’s Cross Slope restaurant, Sun Erniang tries to disguise Wu Song with a Mongolian medicine.As a result, Wu Song only took one look at the bowl of wine and immediately understood what was happening.The description in the original work is as follows: Wu Song said to him: “Lady, I have never been able to eat less wine.You cut some more meat.”The woman turned and went in, but Wu Song poured the wine on a secluded place. With his tongue out of his mouth, he said, “Good wine! It is this wine that makes people move!”So, with that with a mickey Finn, a wu will be wu song recognise a, perhaps Bai Sheng give seconds on the spot, the cargo will be wu song.Moreover, Wu Song was from a rough background, and he was very loyal to his soldiers.After wu Song became famous for fighting tigers, he was named the head of the capital. He distributed all the silver he received to his soldiers.With wu Song’s character, his soldiers would certainly obey his command.In this case, Wu’s method of “outwitting the birth gang” would not succeed in front of Wu Song, and would probably evolve into “force outwitting the birth gang”.Because chao Build when they plan this matter, also have strength to prepare.The description in the original novel is as follows: CHAO Gai way: “Mr. Wu, I wait or soft take, but it is hard take?”Wu Yong laughed and said, “I have set a trap for him.If it is “li Take”, Wu Song still can keep the birthday outline?Let’s look at the balance of power.Chao cover square: Chao cover, Gongsun sheng, Wu Use, Ruan Xiaoer, Ruan Xiaowu, Ruan Xiaoqi, Bai Sheng.Escort: Wu Song, two Yu Hou and fifteen strong soldiers.If both sides fight hard, Bai Sheng, Wu will be wu Song two knife seconds off.Ruan and Chao Gai together on the words, may be able to hold Wu Song about 50 rounds, because ruan’s land kung fu is mediocre.But Gongsun sheng is a master without upper limit, if Gongsun sheng fire full open, a recruit “five thunder Tiangang proper law” can put Wu Song and his soldiers killed in the whole second, what’s more, Gongsun sheng can also practice invited all kinds of gold armour heavenly soldiers.Don’t compare martial arts with xiuxian!So, because of the existence of Gongsun sheng, even if it is to let Wu Song escort born Chen Gang, chao Build, Wu still can be used.