Qinzao Street, Chongchuan, Nantong: Diverse integration of learning, let party members winter training heart and innovation

2022-06-07 0 By

Winter training for party members is a “required course” for party members every year.Recently, Qingzao Street, Chongchuan District, Nantong city created a new winter training mode of “rational and harmonious training”, highlighting diversified training, creating a theoretical learning system with high-tech characteristics and close to high-tech development, promoting the winter training of grassroots Party members to go deep and practical, and boosting the winter training of party members with new vitality.”This is the first time FOR me to listen to the story of the hard battle of the old grandfather, I must study hard, cherish the good life of the hard struggle of the elders, strive to be a good teenager in the new era.””Said the children who participated in the winter training activity, touching the commemorative medal of resistance to The United States and Korea.Qinzao Street organized party members, neighborhood council members and young people to come to the home of zhen Jianhua, an 85-year-old veteran soldier who has 62 years of party years to fight against the United States and aid Korea, and carried out a special winter training activity for party members.Winter training work to often do often new, never stop, full use of local resources of red Qin Zao street, extensive action, “pioneer collar and training” to invite the Korean veterans, party member model such as population revolution story, theory knowledge, make party member pioneer winter training speaker, from the perspective of the people around, things around and around, in “winter training for 10 minutes” micro course as the carrier,Through the pavilion classroom, send to school and other innovative winter training education model live content, strong incentive, promote the party’s innovation theory comprehensive coverage, effective coverage.Help of literature and art training, quiet side learn “this campaign well, today is so meaningful, an enter a door have district 2 second session spirit exhibition board, let us know all the report about the whole can be close to the hearts and minds of the people the practical work, the calligrapher send blessing into the base, but also will implement cultural huimin.”Ma Shuqing, a veteran party member, said.In feiqiao village new era civilization practice station held party members winter training and “danqing painting color to send the spirit of the New Year into the grassroots” activities, party members and the masses are concentrating on watching calligrapher scene writing clean and clean Spring Festival couplets, the spirit of the Spring Festival couplets more than 40.Theory cannot be separated from literature and art, this year, this winter will strongly integrating jurisdiction street culture resources, further deepened the help training, with the theory of literature and art activities between the public and policy and the people of the “zero distance” Bridges, the effective transformation of discourse system, enhance the attraction of a winter training education, make the broad masses of party members and cadres in the popular culture to accept the party’s theoretical innovation education.In order to ensure the effectiveness of party members’ training, the street strongly promotes the activity of “I am a winter training practitioner”, combining party members’ winter training with “I do practical things for the masses”, learning what you do, what you want, what you lack, taking the new era of civilized practice volunteer service as the carrier.More than 100 grassroots Party branches were encouraged to claim 80 “micro-practical matters” of voluntary service.During the Spring Festival, the street of 9 young cadres and volunteers took the initiative to apply for the isolation of the hotel stationed on duty, the first line of service for the people into the grassroots party members of the winter training classroom.Suyang community organized 10 young red scarf volunteers to go out into the community, under the leadership of the old volunteers to carry out the “volunteer service trip to welcome the Chinese New Year” volunteer service activities.Next, Qinzao Street will establish expert database of theory propaganda, people propaganda team, explore “menu” precise propaganda, personalized, mass, popularization of the theory of propaganda, so that the grassroots “understand, listen to, remember, use”, let the party’s theory propaganda knock on the people’s thought “door”.Correspondent Miao Han proofread Su Yun