Shenzhen issued 30 “practical measures” to expand market players

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On April 8, Shenzhen issued the Implementation Opinions of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government on Accelerating the Cultivation and Growth of Market Players (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions) and held a press conference to interpret relevant measures.The Opinions mainly include “1 general requirement, 6 key links, and 7 safeguard measures”, and cultivate and strengthen market players through 30 “practical measures” to continuously stimulate the development, competition, and innovation vitality of market players.”Expand capacity” “Improve quality” Work together to construct the gradient cultivation pattern of market players Shenzhen has always attached great importance to the cultivation of market players.According to Guo Ziping, director of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, by the end of 2021, shenzhen had 3.8 million market entities, ranking first in China, including 1.39 million individual businesses and 2.41 million enterprises, including 13,000 industrial enterprises above designated size and 12,000 wholesale and retail enterprises above designated size.There are 11,000 service enterprises above designated size, forming a development pattern of numerous small enterprises and indomitable large enterprises.The “Opinions” through the “1 general requirements” clear “14th five-year” period to cultivate and strengthen the work direction of market players.We will focus on addressing prominent issues such as financing support, innovation support and talent demand that are commonly needed by market entities in their upgrading and expansion. We will further innovate policies and improve services, closely integrate the efficient market with the competent government, and promote the transformation, innovative and leap-forward development of market entities.The Opinions put forward that by 2025, shenzhen market main body gradient cultivation pattern will be fully constructed, activity will be further enhanced, and further expansion and quality improvement will be realized.In terms of “capacity expansion”, the total number of market entities exceeded 4.6 million and enterprises exceeded 3.2 million.”Mass”, more than 1.5 industrial enterprises above designated size, specialization, more than 600 new “little giant” enterprises, the national manufacturing single champion amounting to more than 80 domestic and overseas listed companies break through 600, the world top 500 enterprises increased to 10-12, national high-tech enterprises reached 2.2, unicorn enterprise new 20 or so.Tailored full-chain service mechanism personalized support for six types of market players This “Opinions” according to the “individual to enterprise”, “small ascending regulation”, “regulation to be refined”, “excellent listing”, “national high-tech enterprises”, “unicorn enterprises” six types of different market players development characteristics demand, increase personalized support.According to the Opinions, Shenzhen will open an online “integrated service platform” and an offline “one-stop handling window” for “individual to enterprise”. Applicants can log in to one platform and run to another window to handle all matters of “individual to enterprise” at one time.”Shenzhen will provide incentives and subsidies to market entities that turn from individual enterprises to enterprises.For example, individual industrial and commercial households directly transform into industrial, wholesale and retail ‘four’ enterprises to give a maximum reward of 200,000 yuan.”Shenzhen Market supervision Administration deputy director Li Guowei introduced.The “small upgrade” refers to the upgrading of the norms of small and micro enterprises to enterprises above the scale. The Opinions put forward three measures to further expand the enterprises above the scale.We will fully tap the new increment of enterprises on the regulation, expand the scope of the key cultivation library of “small rising regulation”, and give certain rewards to the industrial, service and wholesale and retail enterprises that meet the “four above” standard for the first time and achieve stable growth.”Regulation and refinement” refers to the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises to take the path of “specialization, specialization and innovation”.According to the “opinions” will increase the efforts to cultivate “specialized and special new” enterprises, build the national, provincial and municipal three levels of “specialized and special new” enterprise cultivation echelon, awarded to the specialized and special new “little giant” enterprises and provincial “specialized and special new” enterprises with a maximum reward of 500,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan respectively.In terms of “preferential listing”, the guidelines put forward three measures to support more high-quality enterprises to make full use of the capital market to grow.Build the whole chain listing cultivation system, rely on the “Xingyao Pengcheng” listing service platform to do a good job in the gradient cultivation of backup resources, and give rewards to the classification and classification of enterprises listed in the “New Third Board” for the first time, enterprises that plan to be listed in China and complete the guidance, enterprises directly listed abroad, and foreign high-quality listed enterprises moving into the city.Unicorns are leaders in new technologies, industries, forms of business and models. The Opinions put forward three measures to cultivate a group of enterprises with “core” technology support and explosive growth potential.Establish a mechanism for discovering potential unicorn enterprises, formulate an indicator system for selecting and discovering shenzhen unicorn enterprises, and establish a breeding bank for unicorn enterprises.Fang Lin, deputy director of Shenzhen Science, Technology and Innovation Commission, said that in accordance with the Opinions, high-tech enterprise cultivation services will be included in the whole process of innovation ecological chain;In addition, the high-tech enterprises are classified and graded to cultivate and serve, and the housing demand, financial demand, talent demand, market demand and administrative service demand of high-tech enterprises are accurately assessed, so as to guide the resources from all aspects of the society to precisely connect with high-tech enterprises.On the morning of April 8, a centralized launch event of new projects in the second quarter of 2022 was held in Shenzhen. The main venue was located in Guangming, and video sessions were set up in each district and Qianhai.A total of 200 new projects will be launched this time, with a total investment of 162.44 billion yuan, and a planned investment of 33.03 billion yuan in 2022.Among them, there are 121 government-invested projects, with a total investment of about 21.84 billion yuan, and the annual planned investment of about 8.29 billion yuan, accounting for 25.1% of the total annual planned investment.There were 79 social investment projects, with a total investment of 140.6 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 24.74 billion yuan, accounting for 74.9 percent of the total annual planned investment.Among the newly launched projects, there are 5 projects with a total investment of more than 5 billion yuan (including 5 billion yuan), 8 projects with a total investment of 3 billion to 5 billion yuan, 25 projects with a total investment of 1 billion to 3 billion yuan, and 162 projects with a total investment of less than 1 billion yuan.The new projects mainly include industrial projects, infrastructure projects, social livelihood projects and housing projects.For example, high-end lithium ion battery anode material industrialization project, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) Key laboratory cluster, East Power Plant Phase II, Shenzhen Star Bright Indemnificatory Housing project, Urban renewal Unit of Hubei Coordinated Area (Block A9), New Shenzhen Cultural Center and Hainan Aviation Shenzhen Base project, etc.Data show that in 2021, a total of 687 new projects will be launched in shenzhen in three batches, with a total investment of 1,037.3 billion yuan. The annual planned investment is about 122.2 billion yuan.Driven by new projects, the city will complete investment in fixed assets of 825.1 billion yuan in 2021, up 3.7%.Text: reporter Xu Yi Huang Sihua Cui Can statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: