We will actively respond to snow and ice weather to ensure the safety of people’s travel

2022-06-07 0 By

Xintian News network (correspondent Liu Qiwei) recently, Xintian county ushered in the first snow after the spring, Jinling Town Qianmabing Yao village, because of high altitude, snow, many roads icy, bad weather and road conditions to the village people travel brought great difficulties.In order to ensure the safety of the villagers’ travel, qianmaping village two committee cadres quickly patrol the main road in the village and prepare enough industrial salt and other materials in advance.Set up traffic safety warning signs in sections prone to accidents, curves, Bridges and other dangerous sections, take turns to be on duty, arrange special personnel to clean up the sagging bamboo and wood on the main road of the village, and escort people to travel with practical actions.Source: Xintian News network author: Liu Qiwei editor: Li Meifang