A man in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, was sentenced to one year and six months with a two-year reprieve for abandoning his daughter after she was born out of wedlock

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A man surnamed Zhang (pseudonym) in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, who gave birth to a daughter out of marriage and left her in a hospital’s neonatology department for more than eight months, finally returned her to her mother with the help of unprosecuted prosecutors in The Guangling District People’s Procuratorate.Zhang was sentenced to six months in prison for abandonment and bigamy, suspended for two years.Weiwei was abandoned at the hospital, where medical staff acted as a “temporary mother”.In September 2020, a premature baby girl named Weiwei (pseudonym) was transferred from another hospital to the neonatology department of East Hospital of Yang University Affiliated Hospital.According to the doctor, the child was brought by a man surnamed Zhang, who left in a hurry after finishing the admission procedures.After 10 days of treatment, she is not fully recovered, but her parents are reluctant to show their faces.”At first I was reachable, then I was completely unreachable.”Weiwei was forgotten in the neonatology department for more than eight months.”The baby has been away from mom and dad, and we have to go the extra mile to take care of this special child.”According to liu Feng, deputy director of neonatology doctor, the medical staff has been three shifts, in order to better take care of not not, the medical staff will put her small bed in the nurse station next door, as long as through the glass can observe not every move, “the child hungry, urine, sleepy, we will come to deal with in time.”The neonatology staff became Weiwei’s loving mother.In late May 2021, the observers for the protection of the rights and interests of minors called the procurator of The Guangling District People’s Procuratorate in Yangzhou to report the case, and the procurator of the Procuratorate immediately launched an investigation.It is understood that around 2017, Wang (pseudonym) and Zhang lived together in the name of husband and wife during their respective marriages and gave birth to a son.In September 2020, Wang gave birth to her daughter Weiwei.Because not premature, weak, Zhang will not not sent to the hospital for treatment.After the end of the treatment, Zhang suspected not have congenital disease, unexpectedly to his own not not biological father, not to go to the discharge procedures, and cheat Wang said not need to go to Shanghai for surgery, but Shanghai over there bed scheduling, have to stay in the hospital waiting.Wang also did not think much, resulting in not has not been stranded in the hospital.The procuratorial organ has provided a judicial relief fund of 20,000 yuan.The guangling District Prosecutor’s Office applied for 20,000 yuan for Weiwei, and the police also donated 7,500 yuan.During the case, Zhang realized the error of his behavior, willing to continue to raise.After verification investigation, Zhang and Wang mou have guardianship ability, the staff urged the two people in 1 month will not not back to the side to raise.In addition, the Ministry of Civil Affairs decided to provide financial assistance for wang for six months, and the hospital decided to pay the medical expenses in installments to relieve wang’s financial pressure.As the family has not been back and properly taken care of, the case team from the perspective of fully protecting the healthy growth of minors, according to the different circumstances of Zhang and Wang.Among them, Wang mou department was blinded by Zhang mou, subjectively there is no intention to evade the obligation to raise, only suspected of bigamy a charge.The Guangling District Procuratorate combined with wang’s criminal circumstances, confession and repentance attitude and the actual situation of 2 young children who need to be raised by them, invited the public security police, social workers and lawyers to hold a public hearing without prosecution, and reached a consensus, wang made a relative decision not to prosecute.Zhang abandoned Weiwei, who could not take care of herself, in a hospital, which is a bad crime.Recently, the Guangling District Procuratorate filed a public prosecution, Zhang was sentenced to six months in prison for the crime of abandonment, bigamy by the court, suspended for two years.Source: Modern Express (reporter: Gu Xiaowen/photo correspondent: Guang Jian) Source: China Women’s Daily