It’s not just the operating room that’s all money

2022-06-08 0 By

Before the Spring Festival, a banner reading “The operating room is full of money” at Kanghua Hospital in Shenzhen caused a hot debate online.After this Spring Festival, WHAT I see is: “all money” is not just the operating room.Football, for example, is “all about money”.China’s men’s national soccer team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, a team it had not lost to since 1959, in a Preliminary round of the World Cup on the first day of the Lunar New Year, sparking a storm of criticism online.Some say the men’s national soccer team’s players enjoy the highest salaries in Asia, yet they play at a third-rate level.When it comes to the salary of The Chinese football team, I see “the football field is full of money”.The 100-yuan notes are 155 mm long and 77 mm wide, with an area of 119.35 square centimeters.It takes 83.787 RMB 100 bills to cover 1 square meter.FIFA rules: the standard size of 11-a-side soccer field is 90-120 meters long and 45-90 meters wide.A football field 90 meters long and 45 meters wide has an area of 4,050 square meters, while a football field 120 meters long and 90 meters wide has an area of 10,800 square meters.According to media reports, the total annual salary of China’s national men’s soccer players is 455 million yuan, so 100 yuan worth 455 million yuan would cover an area of 54,300 square meters, equivalent to five soccer fields 120 meters long and 90 meters wide, or 13.4 soccer fields 90 meters long and 45 meters wide.In other words, the annual salary of Chinese men’s national soccer team players could cover five to 13 floors on an 11-a-side soccer field with 100 yuan in face value.Such a calculation, isn’t “football is full of money”?However, the national men’s football team is getting better and better paid, but the standard of playing is getting worse and worse.What is the reason for this?In my opinion, this problem is mainly caused by the word “money” : athletes play football for money, they go to the national team training for money, win the ball to pay money, less money will not play and practice, have money to find beautiful women, play big shots……It would be strange if such a team did not lose.For example, the TV screen is also “all about money”.During the Spring Festival, I watched a lot of cultural programs, found that many TV programs are advertising from beginning to end: exclusive title, special, interactive and designated, there are obvious interstitial, there are secretly implanted, some program hosts are dignified, take the trouble to mouth over and over again advertising.Why do commercials fill TV screens and literary stages?The reason is money.According to the advertising price of the 2020 Spring Festival gala announced by a provincial TV channel, the exclusive title is 30 million yuan, the special engagement and interaction is 15 million yuan, the designated is 10 million yuan, and each 15-second hard advertisement is 180,000 yuan.That is to say, the province’s SATELLITE TV in 2020 to hold a Spring Festival gala, advertising revenue alone reached 100 million yuan.It is said that the advertising price of the province is not the highest in China.100 yuan worth 100 million yuan can cover an area of 11,900 square meters. If calculated according to the used area of the TV studio hall of 1,000 square meters, 100 yuan worth 100 million yuan can cover nearly 12 floors in the TV studio hall.No wonder the TV screen is all about money.With the development of economy, it is necessary to improve the treatment of athletes and show commercials on TV, but there are more important things in the world than money, they are ideals, spirit, emotion and morality.If you are desperate for money, or even lose face, then sports will degenerate, literature and art will become bad, human nature will be distorted, and society will become corrupt.For more exciting content, come to the new youth mind