Longquanyi District Longjing Primary School: epidemic prevention will not stop

2022-06-08 0 By

On the afternoon of February 16, 2022, Longjing Primary School in Longquanyi District organized a nucleic acid sampling test drill for teachers and students in order to further normalizing COVID-19 prevention and control and improve the capacity and level of COVID-19 emergency response.Before the drill, the school’s epidemic prevention and control leading group held a special work arrangement meeting, and actively coordinated with the vice president of health to arrange and improve various work as required.Organize special training for all teachers on COVID-19 and nucleic acid drills.During the drill, all personnel shall measure temperature, scan codes, register, sample and leave the field in accordance with nucleic acid testing requirements.The students lined up at a distance of one metre.According to different regions and locations, the field staff have a clear division of labor, and do a good job in guiding, registration, order maintenance and other security work.After the verification and queuing sampling exercise, Director Wu Xiaojuan summarized the operational process and prevention and control key points of each link of the nucleic acid testing exercise.The drill not only enhanced the awareness of epidemic prevention and control among teachers, students and staff, but also summed up the problems and deficiencies in the drill in a timely manner, which accumulated experience for the actual practice of nucleic acid testing for all teachers and students.In the following time, Longjing Primary School in Longquanyi District will continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, to ensure the smooth progress of the spring semester.(Contributed by Longjing Primary School in Longquanyi District)