Party building leads to warm people’s hearts, suzhou Taiping street held “New Year’s greetings send true feelings” activities

2022-06-08 0 By

Spring Festival is coming, the old cold feeling warm.On the eve of the Spring Festival, Jincheng Community, Taiping Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, recently carried out a visit to the needy people before the Spring Festival.Gu Haiping, party branch secretary, led a delegation of Party members and cadres to visit elderly Party members, retired soldiers and disabled people with special difficulties, and sent them New Year’s greetings and affectionate care.”Spring Festival is approaching, I wish you a happy New Year in advance.How is your health?Is there any difficulty?”Gu Haiping a line into the difficult residents area home, carefully inquired about their sources of income and the body, and so on various aspects of life, to caffeine arts and consolation money, encouraged him to firm the confidence, strengthen exercise, active recovery, believe in the party and the government’s care, must be able to overcome the present difficulties, live a better life.Later, the party visited poverty-stricken families such as party members in difficulty, veteran party members and five guarantee families in their districts one after another. They learned about their living conditions and health conditions in detail and sent them consolation items.During the visit, Gu Haiping stressed that party members and cadres should give full play to the “red” power of families with a large number of disabled and semi-disabled people, carefully understand the situation of families in need, make sure that the bottom is clear, the situation is clear, and carefully implement various measures to help people in need, so as to let more warmth into the hearts of people in need.In recent days, The Party branch of Jincheng Community has always firmly established the people-centered development concept, always put the people’s well-being in mind, and meticulously organized and carried out various assistance and security work, so that the people in need can truly feel the warmth of the community and spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Up to now, we have visited more than 20 households of people in need, and distributed condolence goods and relief funds of nearly 30,000 yuan.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Huang Yuqin correspondent Qian Jiqi Zhu Lingjuan proofread Li Haihui