Qingyun new construction project “take land immediately start work” to achieve normalization

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“I have long heard from my friends that Qingyun County’s policy of ‘start work immediately after taking the land’ is also enjoyed by our company today. In just one hour, our project has obtained the ‘four certificates’ before starting work. It is unbelievable how fast it is!”Shandong peptide yuan biological technology limited company in charge excitedly said.March 30, with the shandong qingyun administrative approval services for peptide yuan biotechnology co., LTD., with annual capacity of 6000 tons of feed additive project one-time deal with the license certificate of real estate, land use planning, project planning permit, construction permit etc. All of the certificates prior to commencement, 5 km east store sanhe town industrial park of bulldozers start land leveling,This marks qingyun county industrial projects “take the land that starts work” to achieve “normalization”.Intellectual development, “the land construction” has broken the traditional construction phases of examination and approval of the project, its core is through the top service, top guidance of maximum compression conduction time, between the multiple examination and approval matters in the examination and approval of personnel from “relay” into “run side by side”, allows businesses to save time easier then a model for examination and approval of no jet lag.In order to better serve the industrial projects, Qingyun County administrative examination and Approval Service Bureau has set up government affairs service halls in the development zone and each township to solve the “last mile” problem of handling the commencement formalities.As the key project of “Five Big Battles” wall map operation of Dongxindian Town, Dongxindian town strengthens the service of “Dian Er”, takes the responsibility from the project application, actively participates in and strengthens the guarantee of elements;Take the initiative in the implementation of the project, the first service, full name tracking assistant;In the project approval, the service specialist of economic Development Office will intervene in advance and work on the site of the enterprise to coordinate the “five parties” responsible subjects to prepare the materials required for the application of the “Four certificates”, so as to get the land for the project and start running “acceleration”.Qingyun administrative examination and approval service joint county bureau of natural resources, actively explore for “the land is to start” mode reform of examination and approval, the project before the land “in places such as period” into the project to promote “accelerated” period, was done before land card to do planning, construction permits, business cycle is long, is now a complete land after delisting, clinch a deal on the expiry of the public on the same day,At the same time, the project completed all the procedures from project land approval to construction approval, and solved the problem of “difficult landing and slow start” of the project.This year, qingyun administrative approval services will be in “five big battle” listing of 85 key projects listed in the “full chain, the whole process, full coverage” intelligent service of examination and approval matters, vigorously promote “the land construction” project examination and approval of the new mode, continuously optimize the engineering construction project approval process, through the implementation of the simplify examination and approval material, compression time limit for examination and approval, promote construction project rapid fall to the ground,Continue to optimize the business environment, help qingyun rapid economic development.In the next step, Qingyun County will continue to deepen the reform of the examination and approval system of engineering construction projects, copy the successful experience, and normalize the development of innovative modes such as “take the land and start work” and “joint acceptance” to provide a better business environment for the high-quality development of enterprises.Editor director: Ma Bo Editor: Liu Xinrong Contributed: Qingyun County Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau Zhang Sheng Zhao Di Xi Yunhong East Xindian Town government Feng Xin