Rural festival likes “place fete”, a few people followed a member money do not have a meal however, what reason?

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Introduction China is a human society, and human contact is a very common thing.Usually when relatives, friends and colleagues have a wedding or other things to do a banquet, it is indispensable to exchange gifts of money.This is a common practice among Chinese people and a way to share their joy.Moreover, it is also a special way of communication between Chinese people, which is more conducive to maintaining the network of relationships between people.But now living conditions are different, more and more people become interested in attending such banquets, many people are directly invited to bring gifts, even people do not show up, and this situation will occur in urban banquets.Because people in cities work under great pressure and live at a fast pace, they tend to simplify these things and there are not so many ways to do things.But in the countryside do seat requirements can be much more, which should pay attention to the door is much more.Most of the time, no matter the arrangement of the table, the position of everyone on the table, even the requirements of dishes are very high.Even a lot of other places to pay attention to, and even the order of each dish are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the host family.But now it is strange that such a demanding seat still makes a lot of people reluctant to go, and even there will be many places to do seats, but there are a lot of empty seats.The main reason for this is that many people are unwilling to attend the banquet after paying the money.Maybe a lot of people will think that because many rural people will choose to go out to work now, in order to have a meal, it is not reasonable to run back.But the problem is that many people don’t want to go even if they are at home, even if they are very close to the venue.As this situation worsens, the banquets held in rural areas become less interesting and less meaningful.In fact, this situation is also caused by a variety of reasons.One of is because be different with before namely, before the person besides marry outside the event such as having a child is won’t deal with banquet wantonly commonly, but the frequency that present person handles banquet can go up a lot of.Whether it’s moving to a new house, getting your kid into college, or even your kid’s birthday, throw a party.This makes everyone feel more and more tired of such a banquet, the gift is only out of the need for communication, do not want to force themselves to attend.And such frequent feasting, it has to make people doubt the purpose of continuous feasting.Because such a banquet was originally just to share happiness with relatives and friends, but this practice is very suspicious, just to earn a gift of money.So a lot of people to such banquet nature is very disgusted, but out of the need of human contact and had to gift money out, when also unwilling to force themselves to participate in, then the person to eat the banquet nature is also less and less.Such circumstance appears, still want to blame now the utilitarian heart that the person handles fete is too strong, had lost the primitive heart before completely, nature also lets the person be without interest to all sorts of fete.Especially now the young people are not willing to force themselves, naturally they are not willing to waste their time and energy on these things.And now people’s standard of living and diet are very high, for the food on the banquet naturally there is no interest.Before people’s living standard is not so high, to attend a banquet can also play a tooth offering, eat some good things.But now people’s material level is already very high, there is no need to improve their diet through such a way.And even the more expensive dishes in banquets have been able to regularly appear on people’s tables.Therefore, the desire for banquets is not so big, which is also the reason for many empty seats at rural banquets.And for many young people with jobs, it takes a lot of effort and time to travel to the countryside to attend such a banquet.It is also very big, so for the relationship and not so good people for the banquet naturally will think of ways to evade.And for many young people, many of their relatives in the countryside are not familiar to them, and of course they do not want to spend time socializing with them.And in general, young people will feel uncomfortable in such situations, which naturally makes many young people refuse to attend such occasions.Conclusion Now many young people prefer to live their own lives, and they are not willing to go out of their comfort zone and communicate with others who are not familiar with them, which naturally makes young people’s concept of family affection become indifferent.And in the face of such indifferent relationship, naturally do not want to spend time to do, choose to only give money, not to attend is also human nature oh.And under these reasons, naturally also let the rural banquet people less and less, lively degree is far from the previous comparable.Topic of the day: Is eating cold meals more serious in rural areas?Most people just take the money and leave without looking at the food?