160,000 packets of bamboo paper walked through the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics

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On February 4, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off.As the first Winter Olympics in history to use 100% green and clean energy, one of its Olympic concepts “green Hosting” has attracted much attention.From venue construction to ecological restoration, to accommodation, medical care, transportation, and barrier-free environment construction, “green” permeates every detail of the preparations.It is worth mentioning that the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games for the first time used Chinese bamboo paper – tabby, raw material from sichuan Qingshen Bamboo.”Our company provided 160,000 packets of handkerchief paper for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.”Li Congfeng, general manager of Sichuan Huanlong New Materials Co., LTD., said that the Winter Olympics advocate the concept of science and technology, wisdom, green, environmental protection, the bambu brand is the first brand of Chinese natural bamboo fiber, but also advocate the concept of health and environmental protection, the perfect combination of the two concepts.As the leading brand in China’s bamboo fiber household paper industry, Banbu is the pioneer of the category of natural bamboo fiber household paper, the standard setter of natural bamboo fiber household paper, and the patent holder of natural bamboo pulp and natural bamboo paper.Up to now, Sichuan Huanlong New Materials Co., Ltd. annual sales of nearly 2 billion yuan, products sold to more than 30 provinces, the existing stores of more than 40,000, become the industry “little giant”.Behind the continuous development and expansion of enterprises is the determination of the local government to vigorously develop the bamboo industry.In 2013, Qingshen County took out financial funds of 3 million yuan to support the development of natural bamboo paper by sichuan Huanlong New Material Co., LTD., a local papermaking enterprise, to promote the secondary upgrading of the bamboo industry.In 2019, Qingshen County started the construction of Bambu Healthy Bamboo Industrial Park, which covers an area of about 1500 mu, to build a world-class and China’s first efficient and full-price utilization base of bamboo resources.At the same time, the county issued “the construction of national characteristic industry demonstration county to promote the high-quality development of bamboo industry decision”, will “build five centers of bamboo industry” “to achieve the linkage of three industries” as the promotion of high-quality development of bamboo industry work focus, and clear within 3 years will strive for 75 million yuan special funds, continue to support the bamboo industry.Up to now, Qingshen county has not only successfully established the only national forestry industry demonstration park in the province, but also risen to the “little giant” of the industry, which occupies 20% of the national market share of the natural paper industry. Also, centering on the county, qingshen County has created the most beautiful scenery line of bamboo forest surrounded by bamboo forests, connected with green roads, industrial agglomeration and bamboo art spreading far away.In 2021, the comprehensive output value of bamboo industry in Qingshen County will be 6.07 billion yuan, an increase of 25%.