30 Soft Strengths of great Parents

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Parents must always put children’s safety in the first place.Be aware of the general location of your child at all times.2. It’s more important to focus on your child’s development than on the outcome.Use the effort in ordinary times, never wait for the results to come out after the blame.3. Be a learning parent.To the book, to the network, to the teacher to learn.Learn cultural knowledge, learn educational methods, learn communication skills, and grow up with children.Be an intelligent parent.Take the long view, invest money in education and spend time with your children.5. Be a storyteller.Children should be taught as children, with less empty lectures that are divorced from reality and more lively stories that are pleasing to the eyes.6. Always keep close contact with the subject teachers, especially the head teacher, and be good at improving my family education level with the help of the school.7. Understand the educational law of “close to the teacher, believe in the way”.Do not slant to listen, do not slant to believe, in front of the children to maintain a good teacher’s education authority.8. Understand the relationship between life and education.Good at digging education resources in life, looking for education opportunities, let education happen naturally.9. Understand that education for children is a systematic project and a big game of chess. We must take a long-term view and focus on the comprehensive and sustainable development of children.10. Understand that the essence of education is habit building.Focus on cultivating children’s good living habits and learning habits, and be able to gradually let go of the parents.11. Cultivate a correct view of education.We do not want our children to be talented, but we want them to be adults.Don’t ask your child for good grades, but ask your child for upward mobility.12 love to buy books, love to read, love to collect books, with books to infiltrate children’s hearts, do everything possible to cultivate children into lifelong readers.13. Be the mentor of your child’s spiritual growth.We should care for our hearts with love, regulate our actions with regulations, and awaken our souls with our souls.14. Be a rewarding parent.Seize the moment, make the best of it, and reward your child in the way that most inspires positive energy.15. Guide your child in at least one hobby that cultivates temperament and encourage him to develop at least one skill that fosters confidence.Put labor education into children’s growth.Let children feel the hardships of life in labor, increase wisdom in labor, and learn to be grateful in labor.17. Try to create a quiet learning environment for your child.Try not to quarrel in front of children to avoid affecting their learning mood.18. Pay attention to children’s emotional changes, help children resolve bad emotions in time, and be a guide for children’s healthy growth.19 learn to let go, children can do things never do instead;When the child cannot do, give some more essential point allocation and rationalization proposal.20 learn to look forward to, waiting for the flowers.Help your child set realistic development goals on a regular basis, and be comfortable with your child’s imperfections.21. Learn to be a teacher and behave in the world.Open-minded and studious, cautious in words and deeds, do a good job in the child’s life of the first teacher.Tolerance understanding, learn to respect.Allow your child to make mistakes, respect his or her own choices, and discuss things with him or her.23. Get off your high horse and set an example.Dare to be critical and self-critical, dare to admit mistakes in front of children.24. Strive to train children to be “proficient in literature and military”, encourage them to actively participate in social practice activities, so that they can exercise and develop themselves in practice.25. Constantly strengthen self-cultivation, inspire people with correct values, awaken people with indifferent view of fame and fortune, and inspire people with noble view of happiness.Handle the relationship between “strict” and “wide”, strict word priority, love degree, leniency.Keep your children in awe of you.27. Let your child grow up under acceptable pressure.Constantly remind your child that life is not as good as you think it is, and that we are all trying to live.28. Regulate children’s online behavior with systems and contracts, cultivate good online habits, and guide children to use the double-edged sword of mobile phones.29. Give the child enough space for independent development.Teaching children is like flying a kite, too tight to fly;Let go, and easy to go astray, never to return.Moral education is the first, moral education.Always remember: thousand teach thousand teach, teach truth;Learn, learn to be real.