Masks must be worn in these cases!Guizhou has issued a circular on regulating the wearing of face masks

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On April 1, the Office of The Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control of Guizhou Province issued a Notice on Standardizing the Wearing of Masks (No. 1, 2022). The full text is as follows:Recently, there have been multiple, widespread and frequent OUTBREAKS of COVID-19 in China. Standardizing the wearing of masks is extremely important in reducing novel coronavirus infections. According to expert studies, if novel coronavirus infected persons do not wear masks, and healthy coronavirus contacts do wear masks, the infection rate is 70%.If novel coronavirus infected persons wear masks and healthy contacts do not, the infection rate is 5%;If both wore masks, the infection rate was 1.5 percent.In order to further provide scientific and accurate guidance to the public on self-protection, the following regulations are hereby announced in accordance with the “Guidelines for the Wearing of Masks by the Public and Key Occupational Groups” and other documents: 1. Disposable medical masks or surgical masks must be worn by the following persons and situations.Visiting or accompanying personnel in medical institutions, or other persons with suspicious symptoms such as fever or cough.2. Staff of aquatic products, frozen food and agricultural and sideline products warehouses, wholesale markets, farmers’ markets and other places, transportation and purchasing personnel, etc.3. All participants are required to wear masks except the rostrum and spokespersons of large conferences and spokespersons of general conferences.4. Staff providing services in nursing homes, nursing homes, welfare homes, mental health and medical institutions, prisons and other institutions and outsiders entering the above-mentioned institutions.5. Staff of railway stations, bus stations, airports and other places, and passengers of airplanes, trains, subways, buses, taxis, online ride-hailing, water buses and other means of transportation.6. Staff of shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, guesthouses, farmers markets and other public service places and other personnel entering the above places.7. Bank, exhibition hall, library, museum and all kinds of office hall and other personnel entering the above places.8. Staff of drugstores, barbershops, beauty salons, theaters, entertainment halls, Internet cafes, sports venues (except for sports), KTV and other personnel entering the above-mentioned places.9. Foreign personnel entering the school and the campus security personnel, cleaning personnel, canteen staff and other service personnel.10. Express delivery, take-out, housekeeping service, catering service, etc.11. Other people who are in poorly ventilated places (such as van elevators and public toilets) or crowded places (such as ticket outlets, entrances and exits of tourist attractions and other crowded places), and those who must wear masks according to industry management regulations.1. When the elderly, infirm and patients with chronic diseases go out.2. When it is difficult to maintain a safe social distance of more than 1 meter from others in public places such as outdoors, parks and night markets.3. In an indoor public place with closed space and no people gathering.1. Stay at home.2. People who engage in outdoor activities, parks and night markets, and can maintain a social distance of at least 1 meter from others.3. Staff members perform non-external service work in more permanent workplaces.1. Patients with serious heart and lung diseases should wear masks under the guidance of doctors.2. Under normal circumstances, children aged 3 and below should not wear masks.1. Respirators include masks and masks. Wash hands before wearing and after removing respirators.2. Pay attention to the front and back of the mask, cover the nose and mouth, and adjust the nose clip to fit the face.3. Avoid touching the inside and outside of the mask with hands during wearing. Remove the mask by removing both ends of the rope.4. Wearing multiple masks can not effectively increase the protective effect, but increase respiratory resistance, and may destroy the tightness.5. There is no evidence to prove the effectiveness of various measures such as cleaning and disinfection of masks.6. Disposable medical masks and surgical masks shall be used only for limited times, and shall be used for no more than 8 hours in total.Masks should not be used for more than 4 hours by occupationally exposed persons and should not be reused.1. In residential communities, government offices, enterprises and public institutions, public places such as railway stations, squares and business districts, and other densely populated areas, “special containers for waste masks” shall be set up for timely transportation and disinfection.2. Citizens are advised to spray waste masks with 75% alcohol or disinfect them with 84 disinfectant, wear them simply (torn or cut into pieces), and put them into a collection container for waste masks. Do not mix them with household garbage and kitchen waste.Office of Guizhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group April 1, 2022. First Instance: Cao Yi, second instance: Lin Meng, third Instance: Peng Qiwei