Premiums for new energy vehicles have risen

2022-06-09 0 By

The car owner joked that the fuel cost saved by buying insurance recently rising oil prices, so that many fuel owners envy new energy owners.However, with a new round of new energy car insurance prices, many netizens joked: “people calculate as day calculate, save fuel to buy insurance.”Mr. Chen, a new energy car owner who bought a NIO ES6 at the beginning of 2020, told reporters that he found a significant increase in insurance premiums when renewing insurance this year.”I remember last year the price of premium is 4000 yuan, this year’s price to 6000 yuan, only one year expensive 2000 yuan.”Mr. Chen said, “The electricity cost of new energy vehicles is relatively cheap, and I am an early user. I can change the battery for free without limit. There are also changing stations at the gate of the community.”Mr. Chen compared fuel car premiums and other cost analysis said, because the current battery raw materials, chip prices lead to new energy car prices, car insurance premium starting price is very high, let many new owners back.Recently, reporters visited the market to learn that the price of car insurance is more concentrated in the price of more than 250,000 yuan of new energy vehicles, the premium increase in about 2,000 yuan.For the price of new energy car insurance, Huawei asked the world car sales Tang Lei said: “mainly subject to the rising prices of global raw materials, car companies related to the rising costs of building cars, not prices or can not continue to maintain the company, many new energy cars themselves in the price, car insurance also follow the wind.”Insiders told reporters, for fuel cars and new energy vehicles, the third party insurance difference is not big;But because the two structures are different, the maintenance cost is not the same, in general, the risk of new energy vehicles is greater than that of fuel vehicles, and the maintenance cost and risk rate are high, so the price adjustment of vehicle loss insurance is larger.Ping an property insurance related practitioners told reporters that the car insurance of the following 100,000 yuan is almost flat, the car with high prices, the highest rise in car insurance may reach 40%.Therefore, the Insurance Industry Association of China issued the “Insurance industry Association of China new energy vehicle commercial insurance exclusive clauses (trial)” on the vehicle price of 250,000 yuan below the new energy vehicles to ensure that the benchmark insurance premiums do not rise;Tesla led by the new force of the actual benchmark premium increase is more common.Mainly due to the large difference in maintenance cost — Tesla, Xiaopeng, NIO and other brands have fewer specialized agencies, while parts and components are more expensive, resulting in higher maintenance costs;Byd, Dongfeng and other traditional oems of new energy vehicles, in addition to the change of chassis structure, other parts are from fuel cars, lower cost, more convenient maintenance network.”Although the new energy car ownership is growing, fuel car insurance cost is higher than some, but currently on the market more focused on domestic new energy vehicles below RMB 150000 yuan, USES in the majority with net about car, loss ratio, ChuXianLv, maintenance costs are relatively high, so a whole new energy car insurance last year profit is not high, the industry still faces the pressure of the large underwriting losses in 2022.”Some insurance agent told reporters.(Sohu News)