Yuan ge source dream skin mutation, inadvertently skin failed?Wu Zetian new legend beauty cry, orange right Beijing smiled

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Coke with ice, Qiaomei in your heart, hello everyone, I am little Qiaomei, every day for you to share interesting king of Glory new skin, new version, the latest strategy and other articles.King of Glory Meta Song Yuanmeng Skin design competition has confirmed that the purple mecha skin — Xinxin wins the final competition, will become the next Yuanmeng skin. If it is officially launched, it will be officially finished in December, and then put into the official service. 60 points can be redeemed for this high-quality epic skin.The ability effects of skin are similar to those of normal epic skin.But recently the centerless mecha skin is to expose some problems, the author of this kind of song yuan, centerless skin is likely to be cancelled, if the skin is officially cancelled, so will surely follow the sequence to the back of the bell second sound, but the skin really been canceled, or to the official officer xuan, after all, many players also very like this mecha skin,The number one vote, and the number two vote is also close to the number one.War skin is also broad exposure of the new season season, level 1 battle to limit for the skin to the leitian – night all blame spiderman, grade 80 qualified epic skin to Ming en – bard spell, but limited star yuan to the skin to the walker, lyu3 bu4, blue treasure chest and fight your skin, can choose miyamoto musashi – ghost sword musashi, lieutenant m-sword — the seventh doll,Cao Cao – Super Men, Su Lie – tough force, Lu Ban No. 7 – Pinocchio adventure, Athena – goddess of War and other skin, there are war hero treasure chest can choose Marco Polo, Sun Ce, Luna, Big Joe, Yixing and other heroes.After the new season, there are a lot of legendary skin is coming online, there are big shots that orange right Jing is going to launch a new skin of legendary level, this skin is the first legendary level skin after all the heroes of SNK series online epic skin, SNK series epic skin quality is comparable to the legendary level skin,So this orange Legend skin is sure to be a very nice new skin.At the same time, wu zetian is skin, is about to usher in a new legend as king glory most expensive mage hero, is also a long time did not have launched the new skin, the skin is also a new legend modeling effect is very good new skin, skills must also very nice special effects, believe that will have a lot of players like the new legend of the skin.Qiaomei have words yuan song source dream skin – inadvertently may be replaced by tracing sound back to the bell, the new season battle to all skin exposure, and orange right Beijing and Wu Zetian legend skin is about to go online.