During the Spring Festival holiday, Yumen city earned 27.41 million yuan from tourism

2022-06-10 0 By

The lunar New Year holiday, yumen city tour market stable and orderly, joy, peace, jade ze lake eco-tourism scenic spot, yumen oilfield red tourism scenic spots and so on seven open A level scenic spot, welcome the from all over the country to visit, making the guests, feast for the eyes of lakes and mountains, see red gene cradle oil gives visitors leave deep impression.Yumen City Museum, Yumen City Cultural Center, Yumen City Gymnasium and other online and offline activities such as “Vibrant Yumen · Passionate Winter Olympics” research series activities, Tiger And Tiger Begetting Blessing — The Group exhibition of Cultural relics of the Year of the Tiger of The Year of The Tiger, national fitness to welcome the Winter Olympics were wonderful, presenting a rich cultural feast for the general public.At the same time, the cultural and tourism industry has done a good job of epidemic prevention and control in the Spring Festival cultural tourism holiday market, creating a healthy and good cultural environment for the city’s people.According to statistics, the city received a total of 33,200 tourists, realizing tourism income of 27.41 million yuan.