Hole school teacher essay | a distant dream, a wonderful way

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Article | MouXuan at Russia, such as to meet the love, after first a glimpse of it.The mysterious attraction brought me together with the Confucius Institute of Moscow State Language University.Encounter the vast land of Russia, feel the profound history, indulge in the unique cultural beauty, feel the charm of cultural exchange.On October 23, 2021, after many twists and turns, I arrived in Moscow.The autumn sun shines on the yellow leaves at the top of the trees, and at midday there is a strange feeling, a little warmth shining in the cold.The familiar Chinese faces of Confucius Institute teachers were the source of all the warmth. With the help of all the teachers, the trivial matters in life when we first arrived were solved smoothly.The new environment of characteristic buildings in Russian streets and alleys is full of learning atmosphere. I am a teacher as well as a student, a participant as well as an observer.As the saying goes, “Give others a bowl of water, first have a bucket of water”.In order to make students better understand a certain language and cultural phenomenon, I often refer to a lot of relevant materials around a point, and then present them in a clear way, so that students can understand them as soon as they hear them, which not only enrichis their knowledge system, but also reduce learning difficulties.I teach in the Confucius Institute and the English Department of the University. There are seven classes in total. My students include middle school students, college students, professionals and retired people.How does a teacher learn in class?When you are touched by the endless surprises brought by your students, you are also a learner.Not long ago, I gave my students an assignment: Introduce your favorite ice athlete and tell him a story about his spirit that you should learn from.In class, a quiet and shy girl introduced her favorite figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu to us. The explanation was clear and rich in content, accompanied by many small videos, which showed that she had made full preparations.She told us that she loves Hanyu’s kindness and humility, especially his attitude toward figure skating, being tough, challenging and never giving up, which also inspires her.Wild duck, fearless of the cold, walked out of the classroom and the classroom, surrounded by a beautiful natural and cultural landscape, worth standing and watching, or into it.In the context of COVID-19, walking along the river, watching wild ducks, watching how they walk on the ice, watching them queue up to swim across the winding river gorge between the ice, and watching the moment before the ducks land on the ice is an ineffable dynamic beauty, short but full of tension.Children play on the ice on the banks of the river. Russian babies, who look less than five years old, slide down a large snow-covered slope carrying their own plastic cushions.But who says Russia doesn’t have gentle beauty?During the first few days when I arrived in Moscow, the bus stop signs were changed. I was not sure about the bus route, so I asked the lady next to me. She not only answered my question, but also explained to me with a smile the details of the change of the bus stop signs at several major nearby bus stations.As we finally parted, we wished each other o.S. оро го д о дня.Kindness from strangers always warms the heart.I have observed that Russians, who rarely smile at strangers, often use “good luck”, “all the best” and “happiness” in their interpersonal communication.I thought to myself, this may be the beginning of a positive cycle in interpersonal communication, no one will be indifferent to the blessing of their own people, I also learned the Russian people as active expression of blessing, got very good feedback, everyone can try.Last night, Moscow wet lovely light rain, some trees out of the green buds, Moscow spring to come.Hope accompanied by a spring rain, wash away all the haze, the epidemic dispersed, beautiful still.(Contributed by Confucius Institute of Moscow State Language University)