Sign up!Wuhan Home gardening Exhibition solicitation kicks off

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Do you want to design your own dream garden?Do you want to make a recreational balcony?Come to the 2022 Wuhan Home Gardening Show!On April 9, the 2022 Wuhan Home Horticulture Exhibition, hosted by the Wuhan Landscape Architecture and Forestry Bureau, officially invites the public to design community gardens and family balconies.It is open to gardening enthusiasts, environmental designers, flower and plant experts, ordinary families and students.Garden group is limited to families (up to 4 people), balcony group is limited to individuals or teams (up to 2 people).Participants can fill in the application form through the wechat official account of Wuhan Greening and Wuhan National Voluntary Tree Planting from April 9 to April 25.The solicitation activity is divided into five stages: audition, preliminary evaluation, online voting, live-action construction and exhibition.Audition registration stage (Apr. 9 – Apr. 25) : Participants need to provide design and planning ideas when registering;Preliminary evaluation stage (May) : The expert group will evaluate the finalists, and the organizer will arrange professional horticultural designers to complete the design sketches with the finalists.Online voting stage (June) : Online voting of design sketches to determine the final selected works;Site construction (July-September) : The selected candidates work with horticultural designers and builders to improve the design scheme and complete the site construction.Exhibition (during National Day) : The Home Gardening show will be on display at Sand Lake Park.Home gardening exposition hosted this year is the third time in wuhan, from the first family gardening show invited gardening talent in the designated area to complete the garden built and display design, to the second annual increase of college students designed and built the balcony and one meter garden, wuhan citizens through participation in and entered the family gardening show, gradually deepened understanding of garden design, also show a positive yearning for green good way of life.City garden and forestry ecological (do) LuWei relevant controller introduces, family gardening show this year will be invited to gardening design experts to provide technical support and provide all the construction costs, “zero threshold” invited citizens independent design dream garden and balcony, we hope that each of the green life with creativity of ordinary people can participate, dream weavers division into a better life.”Garden courtyard feeling beauty, square inch balcony to create beauty, embrace nature to appreciate beauty, harmonious family spread beauty.”According to the organizers, the home horticulture exhibition not only provides a green space for citizens to display their good life and express their ecological feelings, but also helps promote the construction of harmonious and beautiful families, cultivate green and civilized family style, and form a good trend of practicing green lifestyle.Editor: Qi Wenrong Media reporter: Luo Hui Correspondent: Wu Xiao zhao Yinfei Editor: Li Jiajing