Social worker volunteers lined up to get ready for a new round of nucleic acid tests

2022-06-10 0 By

Jiading will start a new round of nucleic acid testing tomorrow.To this end, communities actively respond to social workers and volunteers.Community management, publicity notices, special groups of key docking and other work is being carried out in an orderly manner.Today (March 31) at 8:30 a.m., jia Zhong community neighborhood committee is already a busy scene.Everyone is getting ready to post the announcement.From time to time, volunteers would check in and join the queue.After completing all the preparatory work, wang Fang, a resident volunteer, set out with two volunteers, carrying a thick stack of notices.”These days, the neighborhood committee staff are very hard, we all see.Next, the community to launch a new round of nucleic acid testing, the workload is also very large.I think as ordinary residents, we should also do our part, we work together as one, we will certainly defeat the epidemic.”Wang fang said.In addition to residents actively participate in the volunteer, some organs and units of the party members are also transformed into volunteers, have participated in community service.Hu Chengguo is a member of the education system. Today, he also came to the neighborhood committee to participate in the registration of key personnel.”I think it is all the more important for us, as Party members, to play a leading role as vanguard models at this critical time.I hope that through my efforts, I can drive more residents to participate in and cooperate in the fight against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties together.I believe we will soon defeat the epidemic.”Hu chengguo said.There are two communities in Jiazhong Community, jiazhong Huayuan and Liyuan Ercun North district, with a permanent population of more than 5,100.Xing Shijian, director of the neighborhood committee of the party general Branch of the community, at present, they have completed the settlement of the express rack at the door of the community, and today will complete the Posting of all the leaflets of the building and the door-to-door notification of each resident.Neighborhood committees have also prepared agricultural and sideline products in advance for special groups such as elderly people living alone and the disabled, and opened a service hotline to do a good job of docking.At present, reasonable arrangement of nucleic acid testing process has become the focus of the neighborhood committee.”We are now working out the corresponding nucleic acid test period in batches by building groups.In this way, when nucleic acid testing is officially carried out, we can improve the efficiency of testing in a batch and orderly manner.At the same time, we also arranged social workers and volunteers to work in their own building. We also set up a first unit for special people who live alone, are elderly and have difficulty in moving.We also believe that with the joint efforts of community residents, we will ensure their normal life during the lockdown period.”Xing Shijian said.Author: Jiading, Shanghai