Teach you how to eat takeout for a few bucks a day!Takeout coupons where to get the best deal?

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Get a big takeaway coupon?Let me share with you how to order Meituan, ele. me’s most cost-effective takeaway tips, you can also order a meal for about 10 yuan!!In fact, as long as you put some effort to find channels, there are large takeaway red envelopes;And, these red envelopes are also known to the official, you can understand it as the official interest activities in order to increase the number of users.I did not understand at first, occasionally order a takeout to open meat even a little distressed;Until recently, my roommate stopped me to rush to the dining hall and took me back to the dormitory to enjoy cooking drama after class. From then on, I embarked on the road of well-off life hahaha!!★ Pay attention to the “Food Tycoon recipes” mini program, get meituan/Ele. me delivery red envelope every day for free!The amount of 4 people is actually less than 10 yuan, every month can also save a lot of living expenses to tao Tao beauty makeup, this kind of virtuous roommate to give me a dozen!?It’s been a long time since I ordered such an extravagant takeout. Come on, show!Slum girl shows how to order takeout for the best deal!First, a comparison;We are all familiar with the official takeout membership, 15 yuan a month membership includes 6 5 yuan coupons, the benefits of this membership is no threshold, even if you only buy 6 yuan of things, it will also give you 5 yuan less.But the disadvantages are also obvious, o!Six coupons, three days of takeout, all right? What do we do with the remaining 20 days?Let me show you the fried chicken we just ordered yesterday, 4 people eat to last less than 6 yuan ~ is not very surprised, because a roommate got 66 yuan red envelope, we will receive every day, the one who gets the largest amount will call haha haha!★ Pay attention to the “Tycoon Life” public qiao, and get meituan/Ele. me takeaway red envelopes for free every day!