The latest!Notice No.4 of Taiyuan Epidemic Prevention and Control Office in 2022

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Recently, the tracing of confirmed cases in Haidian District of Beijing and Shenzhen city of Guangdong Province does not rule out the possibility that the virus may have been transmitted through foreign goods.Meanwhile, nucleic acid samples of imported cold-chain food and imported fruits were found to be positive in many places in China.In order to minimize the spread risk of “objects and people”, the notification on epidemic prevention and control of international mail express is hereby strengthened as follows: 1. International mail express enterprises should strictly separate the operation areas of international and domestic mail express, strengthen ventilation and disinfection of processing sites, and do a good job in full coverage disinfection of the outer package of international mail express.Before and after carrying imported goods, the high frequency contact parts in the car and the inside and outside of the car should be thoroughly disinfected in time.At the same time, regularly carry out the cleaning and disinfection of storage facilities, production and processing sites and sales and business sites.2 the import goods production and business operation entity to import goods inspection and quarantine certificate, DNA test report, certificate of disinfection and show me work, further standardize the import of goods loading and unloading, handling, shelves, rubbish, such as the whole process of sanitizers work, regulate personal protection, disinfection and practitioners do goods nucleic acid detection and health monitoring work regularly.3 cold-chain food imports, imports of goods, international express mail risky jobs centralized accommodation for staff during the work, closed management, regular nucleic acid testing, avoid going out, it needs to go out to meet from isolated medical observation 14 days or more after work and hold negative proof within 48 hours of nucleic acid detection, to inform the work unit and.Employees in low-risk positions should strengthen health monitoring, wear work clothes, caps, masks, gloves and other protective equipment during the whole work process, take nucleic acid tests regularly, do health monitoring in accordance with relevant regulations during non-work periods, avoid going out as far as possible, do not eat together, gather or go to crowded places.4. The competent authorities of market supervision, commerce, transportation, postal administration and other industries should strengthen supervision according to the division of responsibilities, urge and guide relevant enterprises and business operators to do a good job in prevention and control, and punish enterprises and business operators who refuse to fulfill epidemic prevention and control responsibilities in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations.All counties (cities, districts) should fulfill their responsibilities of territoriality, collect and manage information of international express mail enterprises, actively strengthen epidemic risk screening, and urge enterprises to implement epidemic prevention and control measures.6 The general public should avoid importing cold-chain food and fruits online, on their own, and reduce mail order and express delivery from high-risk countries and regions.If you receive international mail, pick it up at a fixed place as far as possible to achieve no contact handover;If you need to sign in person, keep a safe distance from the Courier.From now on, imported food purchased by individuals from outside the province for their own use can be reported to the county (city or district) of the territory for prevention and control, and the county (city or district) of the territory will provide nucleic acid testing services free of charge.7. Wear masks and disposable gloves properly when receiving international express mail or purchasing imported food. Remove the outer packaging outdoors as far as possible.If you need to take home, you can use chlorine disinfectant or 75% alcohol to wipe the internal and external packaging disinfection;After handling international express mail, hands should be disinfected or washed in time, masks should be replaced, and hands should be avoided from touching mouth, eyes, nose and other parts.8 Within 14 days after contact with international express mail, if any discomfort symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation, diarrhea occur, take personal protection, go to the nearest fever clinic or designated medical institutions for treatment and screening, inform the truth of your travel history and contact history, and do not take public transportation on the way to medical treatment.Office of Taiyuan Leading Group on Epidemic Prevention and Control January 26, 2022