In the world: zhou family 5 people, bingyi the most promising, Zhou Rong selfish, bingkun cannibal fireworks

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Guide language recent CCTV 1 set of hot broadcast “worldly” mainly around jiang Liao Province Jichun city zhou jia 3 generations of people, from the last century 60’s “educated youth mountain to the countryside” to the 21st century, from the work, life, marriage, career and other aspects of the change of the story!Zhou jia 5 people in drama, living in the same eaves, enjoying the same material life, but the character is different, the life experience after bringing up is also completely opposite!First of all, the core character Zhou Zhigang is the new China’s first generation of construction workers, diligent, honest, warm-hearted, conscientious to work.At the same time, there is a bit of traditional feudal “male chauvinism”. In Zhou’s family, all his aged parents, his wife who has accompanied him for more than 30 years, and all his three children must obey him 100%.In other words: Zhou Fu had the assertive style of a Chinese parent.In addition, Zhou Fu is also in line with the state of mind that hopes your child becomes a dragon, to be clever as a child, the eldest son Zhou Bingyi who can draw inferential examples by analogy sends great expectations.Also because of this, Zhou Fu since childhood “treat” Zhou Bingyi, even if Zhou Bingyi broke a disaster, Zhou Fu will always only say “next not for example”!On the contrary, the youngest son Zhou Bingkun did not love reading, was old 2 mouth called “unusable old pimple”, Zhou Fu gas to bingkun body sprinkle, not happy to abuse at will!In the drama, the Spring Festival of 1978, Zhou Bingyi, Hao Dongmei, Zhou Zhigang are back for the New Year, Zhou Bingkun in zhou Fu washing feet, bingyi, Dongmei and zhou mother beside the kang eating melon seeds, chat.Zhou Bingkun mentioned that someone married himself to a woman with children, zhou Fu directly foot beside bingkun fell to the ground, head hit the corner of the table, for a long time can not get up, or mother and brother bing Kun pull up……The image of a loving father who blows his son inside for a joke?As for the only girl in the family, Zhou Father dotes on her and even allows her to fall in love with a wandering poet who is almost as old as himself!”To be generous to children whom you love and have high expectations;But don’t look good to oneself child, beat and kick “it is zhou Fu treats oneself 3 son female raise way!In addition, in episode 16, Zhou’s father gets angry when Hao Dongmei’s parents stand him up.Annual grade, Zheng Juan go to see a younger brother, Zhou Rong 2 hole to take two children to go to the temple fair, Queensland, grasp to go to the “gentleman” six children’s party, she is still in paralysis, Zhou Fu alone at home, home after breakfast bowl chopsticks, from morning till afternoon ping-i Chou back, Zhou Fu thought that the governor son-in-law see home is too bad, just began to pack, thus it can be seen:Zhou Fu is thought never clean up the housework, before these chores in the home are zhou mother a person to do!Therefore, in my opinion, Zhou Fu is a typical traditional Chinese father and husband, hardworking family, but also very feudal!Zhou Rong zhou’s mother is a dutiful, simple rural woman, obedient to her husband, thrifty, when her husband left home to work hard, with three children.On the surface, she treats the three children equally, but in fact, she still loves Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong more.Play, bingyi to jump the queue, Zhou Rong secretly ran to the guizhou mountains for love, zhou mother with his son 2 people at home, all the year round only eat steamed bread, bacon at home.Delicious dishes such as pork and ground pork are frozen and cooked when the eldest son and daughter return.Remember once, Zhou Bingkun got the news from CAI Xiaoguang that he could go to Shengli store to buy pork without a ticket and bought a thigh of pork home.Bingkun just got the pork home, zhou Mother to cut a piece of cooked.Bingkun see always “mean” mother finally cooked meat, excited to say, “mom, how willing to eat meat today, not to say that my elder brother and my sister come back to cook it?”Zhou mother listened to the little son, only to bingkun clip 2 small pieces, and then put the small spy cooked meat to cool, frozen!3. Zhou Bingyi – capable good officer, but parents siblings did not enjoy a little bit of his blessing son Zhou Bingyi smart, learning or, was Zhou Father placed high hopes, grew up to the corps also do very well, married the governor’s daughter, but also admitted to the North university, let Zhou Father face light!In response to the saying, “If a child has talent, he will go far away and never stay with his parents.” After he joined the Corps in the 1960s, He worked and studied outside. Later, when he returned to Jichun city as a secretary of the munitions factory and vice mayor, he also lived in his mother-in-law’s home for a long time.In addition, whether Zhou Bingyi himself, or his parents-in-law are taboo other people play their hands of the right, so zhou family no matter what difficult, will deliberately hide bingyi husband and wife.In other words, although Zhou Bingyi is the eldest son of the zhou family, but the zhou family serve parents, brother and sister help each other’s work, has been bingkun 2 mouths in bear!Zhou bingyi was more like a guest than a relative to his parents.As the only girl in the Zhou family, Zhou Rong has been spoiled by her parents since childhood, and her brother and brother have given her permission. Zhou Rong has developed a permissive and self-centered personality.In 1969, zhou Rong, only 18 years old, gave up the good opportunity to stay in the city to arrange work, hiding from her family, thousands of miles, regardless of the consequences, secretly ran to the mountainous area of Guizhou to follow the age of almost 20 years old romantic poet Feng Cheng, resulting in always love her mother crying blind at home!Later, Feng Cheng was caught by the gang of four, Zhou Rong daughter only 2 years old Feng Yue to friends back to the northeast home, and then follow Feng Cheng to “romantic”, but in the northeast old mother, know son-in-law accident, urgent fire, direct stroke paralysis….Behind, Feng Huafeng, Zhou Rong admitted to Peking University, Zhou Rong Feng Huafeng divided the house in Beijing settlement, Zhou Rong Feng Huafeng back to Jichun development, Feng Yue has been left in her family by bingkun 2 with, until Feng Yue 14 years old, Zhou Rong divided a 2 room a room house, Feng Yue went back to Zhou Rong.In other words, although Zhou Rong gave birth to a child, but the child is brother sister-in-law to help raise;Zhou Rong is neither a qualified daughter nor a qualified mother!5. Zhou Bingkun – work hard but misunderstood by everyone “old pimple” finally have to mention is: Zhou bingkun, the backing of all the people in the zhou family!Bingkun naughty, do not love reading, has not been good father, even the kind of mother called him “old pimple”.Brother and sister went to the countryside, leaving Bingkun at home alone.In everyone’s eyes, brother and sister to stay in the city a great opportunity to bingkun, bingkun is the most happy!As everyone knows, bingkun is the most grievance in the home!Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong went to the countryside, bingkun a person to accompany in the mother’s side, every day as long as a home, mother will talk to him about his brother and sister, sometimes by the mother chanting bored, mumble a few words, will be mother beat and kick, not soft!Later, his mother was paralyzed by a stroke and his sister’s 2-year-old daughter was sent back to her hometown.Zhou Bingkun suffers hardship at home, but also blamed by his father “no promise, can not go to university…..”How wronged!Write in the end to sum up, “the world”, Zhou parents mouth said “palm palm back is meat”, looks like a bowl of water flat, in essence, the heart has been biased to Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong, the youngest son Zhou Bingkun bear the most, is also the most grievance, friends, you think?