Jiangxi two places report contact activities

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Xinzhou District, Shangrao City On February 17, Xinzhou District, Shangrao City received assistance information from other provinces, and there were people from other provinces in Xinzhou District who were close contacts of confirmed cases in other provinces.In order to plug the loopholes of prevention and control in our district and remind other people who share the same activity track to implement prevention and control measures, the activity track of the 3 people who met closely is announced as follows: 1. Li xx took bus No. 116 at Shangrao High-speed railway station at 18:56 on February 15 and got off at the municipal fire brigade station (wearing masks throughout the whole journey).2. Zhang arrived at Shangrao Station at 19:04 on February 14, and then went to the nucleic acid testing site for sampling. The nucleic acid test result was negative, so she wore a mask during the period.3. Zeng arrived at The Everbright Bank opposite Xinghe International at 09:17 on February 15 to print the credit investigation report and stayed for about 20 minutes (wearing a mask all the time).The three closely connected persons have been put under medical observation at a centralized isolation point in our district, and the nucleic acid test results were negative on February 17.Relevant persons who overlap with the activities of the three contact persons in the above time and place should report to the local community (village) or CDC immediately, implement relevant prevention and control measures immediately, and take nucleic acid test.If there is any concealment, relevant personnel will be investigated for responsibility according to law.We hope that the general public will conscientiously abide by relevant laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and actively implement relevant epidemic prevention and control measures.Xinzhou District CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention: 0793-8301393 Dongshi Street: 0793-7920623 Xishi Street: 0793-7029981 Shuinan Street: 0793-8106223 Beimen Street: 0793-7029970 Maojialing Street: 0793-8265455 Shaxi Town:0793-8038806 Chaoyang Town: 0793-8096269 Qinfeng Town: 0793-8031029 Lingxi Town: 0793-8065643 Xinzhou District Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command Office Announcement on Emergency Search for Secondary Close Contacts in Yingtan High-tech Zone on February 18, 202254. After receiving the letter of assistance management from Yingtan CDC transferred to Zhuhai CDC in Guangdong Province, Zhao in our district took the same carriage of G1302 train with Liu, who tested positive for COVID-19, at 12:17 on February 14, and was judged as a close contact.In accordance with the relevant requirements of the prevention and control plan, the zone will immediately carry out epidemiological investigation and the disposal of contacts and other necessary measures.At present, Zhao has implemented centralized isolation control measures, and the initial nucleic acid test on February 18 was negative.In order to plug the loopholes of prevention and control and remind other residents who appear with the contact person at the same time and in the same space to implement prevention and control measures, the track of Zhao’s activities is now announced as follows: At 12:17 on February 14, I took 001C, car 6, G1302, from Zhuhai, at 18:00:36 arrived at Yingtan North Railway Station, and then drove to my friend’s house for dinner in Building A of Guoxi Building, Xinjiang New Area. After dinner, I drove directly back to my home in Wanfu Jiayia Community, High-tech Zone, and arrived home at around 20:00. I didn’t go out after that.At about 10:30 a.m. on February 15, I drove to Jinjiang’s hometown (Jinfeng Road, Jinjiang Northeast Street) in Yujiang District to celebrate the Lantern Festival.Around 12:30 from jinjiang Northeast street after lunch drive back to Yingtan alone.Around 13 o ‘clock, go to SK Billiards Club on the 4th floor of Rainbow Shopping mall to play billiards with friends.At 12:30 PM, I drove to Baobao Barbecue on Jianshe Road to have A barbecue with my friends. I checked into Xinjiang Slow Time Hotel (Building A of Guoxi Building) around 2 am on 16th.I stayed in my room on the morning of February 16th.At 14pm, I drove my friend to dandan noodle restaurant opposite Yongsheng KFC for dinner.About 14:35, drive a friend to siqing street office urine test (he did not get off during the prosecution).At about 14:55, drive back to Building A of Guoxi Building.Around 15:15, I drove to the SK Billiards Club on the 4th floor of Rainbow Shopping mall to play with my friends.At about 20 o ‘clock, we went to Xianglufeng Hotel in Xiabu for dinner. After dinner, we went back to Xinjiang Slow Time Hotel to check in. We had a rest until about 2 o ‘clock in the morning of 17th, we drove back to Wanfu Jia Tianxia’s home and did not go out.On February 17th, I didn’t go out in the morning. I went out to play ball with my friends at SK Billiards Club on the 4th floor of Tianhong Shopping mall at around 12 o ‘clock. At around 17 o ‘clock, I had dinner with my friends at Xiabu Guixi Old Surface food Restaurant.He drove to Huachiao Town of Yujiang alone at about 18:00 for business, and arrived at the destination at 19:00, but no one was found. He did not get out of the car during this period and did not have contact with others.Drive back to Yingtan around 21:40 and transfer to isolation point of high-tech Zone at 23:32 for centralized isolation.Please report to the community (village group) or district headquarters immediately under the condition of personal protection, and take the initiative to cooperate with nucleic acid testing and other relevant control measures.If any concealment causes serious consequences, we will bear corresponding legal responsibilities.It is hoped that the general public will refrain from spreading rumors, believing or believing rumors, always maintain personal protection awareness, wash hands frequently, wear masks, and maintain a 1-meter line.In case of fever, dry cough, fatigue and other symptoms, go to the nearest fever clinic immediately, and actively inform the 14-day activity and contact history.Please wear a mask all the way to the hospital and do not take public transportation.Office of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of High-tech Zone Tel: 0701-6319368 Office of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of High-tech Zone