Small shops around the ten million

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Reporter Liu Yong (right) interviews Yu Yang, the community secretary, in Luoli Community, Tiexi District, Shenyang.Tiexi district propaganda department for map human fireworks, the most touching people.In the middle of winter, when walking in the streets of Tiexi District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, customers are silhouetted against the ice flowers on the Windows of small shops, giving people a sense of life.”Small shops around residential areas are the living circle of grassroots people, serving thousands of families, and small shops themselves are the source of livelihood for countless families.”Tiexi District labor community secretary Yu Yang, said small shops in the “big livelihood.”Employment is vital to people’s wellbeing.Came to the auto repair shop, we “opened” the small shop in the employment books.The shopkeeper and the clerk carried several families’ “rice bowls” in their hands, with heavy weight.The sudden outbreak of the epidemic, temporarily trapped the pace of life, to small shops to bring business problems.How to break through the difficulties and let the bustling markets back to warm up?Recall at that time, Yu Yang’s thoughts are myriad, suddenly opened chatterbox.Many problems, shopkeepers are anxious, and the community secretary is more anxious.Unity is strength, and there are always more ways than difficulties. When it comes to overcoming the epidemic and restarting our lives, we speak with confidence in modern Chinese.During the discussion, Yu Yang warmly proposed to take the reporter from house to house. She wanted to use fresh examples to let the reporter know how powerful the people’s power is.Along the way, Yu Yang naturally pushed the door and entered, said hello to the shopkeeper, let us see at the grassroots level, there is no profound truth in social governance, heart can twist everyone into a rope.Home side small shops, here has the most rich fireworks, here concentrated the most warm force.During the interview, the reporter deeply felt the confidence of the owner, residents and community secretary, and realized that the spirit of the Community of the Chinese nation of “unite as one, unite as one” is an important factor to overcome difficulties.Small shops, one touching story after another, gathered together to help each other in times of trouble, the great spirit of unity of the Chinese nation, so that we are no longer afraid of wind and waves, let us bravely pursue the dream forward……(Reporter Liu Yong)