Educated youth memoirs: queue-jumping in the hometownsman’s New Year’s Eve, although poor but warm people, thank them

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Old people, more like to recall the past, every New Year’s Eve, looking at a family hehemumu to celebrate the scene, can not help but think of that year when jumping the queue in northern Shaanxi home spent the New Year’s eve.Thank them with true feelings to warm young we in February 1969, more than a dozen Beijing educated youth were placed in ganquan settled in a remote village, northern shaanxi region to now also entered the twelfth month, the festival atmosphere each day, starting from the laba every household cleaning, cleaning the cave health, in enough, stick a festival paper-cut paper-cutting, stick couplets, for the meal.Like then than it is now cold climate, northern shaanxi will be under a lot of snow in winter, caves, yard, garden, gullies is thick, covered with snow, a piece of white between heaven and earth, the harsh light, the tired one year farmers to usher in the most important holiday of the year, is also the children look forward to the festival – the Spring Festival.Beijing educated youth are a group of 16 and 17 years old boys and girls, will also be here, in this small mountain village to spend their first Spring Festival away from their parents, the first Spring Festival away from the city, the first Spring Festival alone.Shanbei villagers honest, kind, simple, worried about the beginning of shanbei educated youth heart lonely, homesick.Constantly have cadres, villagers to ask populated by educated youth cold ask warm, broad with youths, director of women also take the initiative to undertake the work of the help the educated youth to prepare dinner, even the battalion chief of rhubarb, dog is also often run to ZhiQingDian running around youths shook his tail as if to comfort a Beijing educated youth.New Year’s Eve night came, the sky is still heavy snow, the quiet village seems to be busy, from time to time came the sound of firecrackers.Members in accordance with the arrangement of the team to the educated youth one by one to pull home together for the New Year’s Eve night, Ma Qingxiang was members Ren Shilong pulled to his house for the New Year’s Eve night, Ren Shilong is a man in northern Shaanxi more than 40 years old, later heard that he is demobilized soldiers.As soon as we entered his yard, we heard him Shouting into his cave.”Home, come out and have a look, home to the guest.”In the light of the oil lamp, the shadows on the window paper moved, and the door of the kiln opened suddenly. Two young boys ran out first, followed by a woman. The two boys happily took Ma Qingxiang by the hand.The cave was warm and the simple furniture was scrubbed clean.In the middle of the four – or five-meter heated kang stands a small table, on which are stewed pork, stewed vegetables, steamed buns, yellow rice cakes, and yellow rice. Beside the table is an earthenware pot, in which is filled millet thick wine unique to northern Shaanxi.Taking off their shoes, ma Qingxiang, an educated youth, and Ren sat cross-legged at the top of the little table, where the heated kang was burning. Ren’s aunt, the children and all gathered around the table. An oil lamp stood in the center of the table, its light shining over the happy and festive family.LaoRen worry about early to home of Ma Qingxiang embarrassed to have a meal, on one side and he was talking and laughing, as food for him, looking at Ma Qingxiang eat about the same, picked up the side of the two bowl of thick wine respectively, although also told Ma Qingxiang thick wine degree is low, but drink too much at first, thick wine to drink in his mouth, like rice paste, sweet in acid, acid sweet,As he drank one bowl of wine after another, the strength gradually came up. Ma Qingxiang’s face was like the red window flowers on the window. At that moment, Ma Qingxiang felt that he was a member of the Ren family and felt at home.Old Ren’s aunt watched her husband and Beijing educated youth happily talking and laughing together. She quietly got off the kang, went to the kitchen and made a dish of shredded potatoes on the small table, because she knew her husband was happy once in a blue moon. Then she called the children to bed.Though the old man had traveled for many years, his nature had not changed, he said.It was late at night, but the snow was still falling heavily outside the cave. Inside the cave, the warmth was even warmer in Ma Qingxiang’s heart. Unconsciously, he had an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.On the first day of the next day, the Ma Qingxiang drums woke up, the snow stopped, I saw in the village men, women and children in drums up yangko, they are in a characteristic way to greet the arrival of the New Year, perhaps deafening drums to banish poverty in the New Year, may of yangko to usher in a New Year’s harvest after many years of good times, Ma Qingxiang just know,The dinner on New Year’s Eve was the best and richest meal of the whole year for Ren’s family. They treated Ma Qingxiang with the best food at home and borrowed money so that he could eat meat. They just wanted to make the young Educated youth in Beijing eat well and drink well so that he would not feel lonely and homessick.To this day, ma qingxiang still keeps in touch with their children even though ren and his wife have passed away. Under his influence, his son has also established a friendly relationship with Ren’s children.Note: Photo source: old Liu Xueshi