Is the cow really coming?Will the dog be absent?

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Dear friends, good afternoon, my name is Wei Lun. Today is Thursday, March 24th, Beijing time. I was busy yesterday, so I didn’t make the video.Hours:In the hourly chart, the ascending channel remains unchanged and will run in the channel for a short time. It is more likely to break through 4W3 upward, and the k-line shape with u-shaped bottom has been formed by repeated tests of 4W3, so 4W3 is the key position. Meanwhile, the support of 4W2 is concerned below.Although this place was stomped back for many times yesterday, it finally received the upper part of 4W3. Meanwhile, below pay attention to whether MACD can usher in excess volume again!4 hours:The interval from 4W2 to 4W4 can be seen on the 4th hour. There was a long period of shock before, so this place is a bargaining chip, but it is still in an upward channel. The overall trend is relatively clear, the low point is gradually moving up, and the high point is also gradually moving up.Therefore, if 4W5 is ok in the short term, below MACD continue to increase the daily line:At the daily level, the period is relatively large, so the interval is also relatively large, and it is still an oscillating pattern. The low point from the first 3W2 gradually moves up to 3W8, while the upper part remains unchanged, and 4W5 is still the same. As the interval becomes smaller, the possibility of breaking will gradually increase.Breaking 4W5!Operation, personal advice as far as possible bottom slag, reduce overestimate!Told you the day before yesterday has been to two wealth password, a SOL, ETC, you can look at current prices, SOL entry price 88-90, and is absolutely can play on the same day, today saw the SOL has come to 95, the price of the ETC is the same, again hit 50 interval, if have a friend comes into play, so congratulations you, income is good,If you want to get more wealth password, welcome to join our membership group!Recently on the market, the voice of the bull market is more and more, yes, first of all, the new capital activity is much higher than before, and, the inflow of funds are doubled the approach, so in a short time, the effect of making money will be gradually amplified, will be more and more!So is the bull market really here?At least now there are multiple fire items!So is a bull market really here?We’ll see!Finally, every bull market, DOGE is not absent!I’m Waylon. See you next time!