Lichuan: colorful intangible heritage yuanxiao

2022-06-12 0 By

On the evening of February 15, lichuan city held the 2022 Yuanxiao Cultural activity.Activities with the theme of “Italy’s sichuan, meet the four seasons”, around the theme of the Lantern Festival, into lichuan tradition and characteristics, with ethnic and folk art works for the public to send a Lantern Festival feast.Eighteen outstanding folk art teams from towns and communities in the city performed 21 performances, including allegro music, Tujia dance and opera.The activity kicked off in the festive and lively colorful boat performance — “Nanmu Unyounger Sister with You to play” let the audience experience the “tea journey integration” in the tujia dance, “Tujia Threw three bowls” to usher in the New Year good luck, “Yuanxiao Music” praised the tujia people out of poverty to get rich and towards a well-off happiness…Qin Yang, staff member of lichuan Non-genetic Chengguan, introduced that the biggest feature of this yuanxiao activity is that the audience can have zero distance contact with the local ethnic folk culture and non-cultural material heritage of Lichuan. “All the performances on the scene are full of characteristics, and the booth on the left shows the non-material cultural heritage of Lichuan.”In order to promote folk culture and show non-genetic inheritance, in addition to the traditional singing and dancing, poetry recitation and other programs, this activity focuses on the performance of traditional folk music, dragon and lion dance, lotus boat, car lights and other traditional folk culture programs.A number of non-genetic inheritors were invited to show the scene — Xiong Hongdou, inheritor of Lichuan sesame sugar, sold sesame sugar with a burden, and Tan Qinqin, national non-genetic inheritor, sang “Lichuan Lamp Song” with Baiyang village flowers.”Thirty fire, fifteen lamp, we use the original ecological Lichuan lamp song and spring meet!”Tan Qinqin, the inheritor of Lichuan Lantern Songs, said, “I hope the program will bring you a sense of the strong flavor of the New Year and the happiness and beauty of intangible cultural heritage.”Through guessing lantern riddles on the spot, online live competition with prizes and other links to the audience presented tickets to the five scenic spots teng Longdong, Longboat Water Village, Yu Longdong, Fo Baoshan, big well.At the same time, the activity also carefully prepared more than 300 lantern riddles and prizes for citizens and tourists to guess free.Citizen Wu Juan said, “This activity shows lichuan’s intangible cultural heritage and deepens our understanding of lichuan’s traditional culture.I guessed two lantern riddles and thought it was very interesting!”Intangible cultural heritage food area, intangible cultural heritage projects and cultural relics photo exhibition are also set up at the site, so that citizens and tourists can experience the intangible cultural heritage projects and feel the charm of The intangible cultural heritage and Lichuan cultural relics.