At 42, Ronaldinho looks young, wearing a gold necklace and a watch!Net red see football god, kneel down directly

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On March 29, Luva de Pedreiro, a Brazilian Internet celebrity, saw Ronaldinho as if he had seen “God”. The Brazilian Internet celebrity knelt down and worshipped him. Ronaldinho is 42 years old, wearing a gold necklace and a famous watch.Of course, Ronaldinho is dressed in style, and everyone loves him.Ronaldinho, who was born in March 1980, made his mark at the 1999 Copa America.Ronaldinho shot to fame in the 2002 World Cup when he scored a spectacular 40-metre lob against England.In the end, Ronaldinho helped Brazil win the World Cup and was selected to the team of the Year.Club career, Ronaldinho at Barcelona to the top.In 2005, Ronaldinho won both the World Player of the Year and the Ballon d ‘Or, as well as almost all the individual and collective accolades.The oxtail, the lobbing, the backfoot, these are all ronaldinho’s routine.Unfortunately, ronaldinho’s private life outside the court was too chaotic, the peak did not last long, later, ronaldinho went to AC Milan, Flamengo, Atletico Mineiro, Fluminense and other teams, in 2018, Ronaldinho retired!In many previous public appearances, Ronaldinho has looked very old.But this time, Ronaldinho is much younger. He has shaved off his white beard and is wearing a gold necklace and a famous watch!Ronaldinho’s outfit was inspired by a meeting with Luva de Pedreiro, a Brazilian Internet celebrity who has tens of millions of followers on social media, who kneeled and bowed his head in humble salute.Ronaldinho accepted the cult, after all, he is the god of football, it is no exaggeration!Luva de Pedreiro is popular on social media and has previously been photographed with stars such as Neymar.Of course, Ronaldinho’s status and achievements in football are far higher than Neymar’s. Ronaldinho has won the Golden Ball and the World Cup, while Neymar has won nothing.Neymar is only 30 years old, but his form is clearly slipping. This year’s World Cup in Qatar is Neymar’s last chance to win the World Cup and earn respect.