China’s stock market: a sparrow’s stock market that tells everything between retail investors and major players

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Investing in stocks is more like drifting in a boat on the vast sea, no one will tell you where is the other shore.Retail often most time is in confused state, fall after buying, go up after selling, empty storehouse step empty, whole storehouse is caught again.A deep into the stock market like the sea, when the shore?Trading needs to reflect, observe and know their own heart, through the market repeatedly hone.Gradually let oneself turn knowledge into wisdom, turn puzzle into enlightenment, and in the firm belief and strong heart support can step by step shore.So trading is the market, the test is the trader’s mind, more often, traders are not defeated by the market, but lost to the trader’s heart.And the transaction, the final transaction is their own heart.Fry is should attentively, but cannot be obsessed with.Abandon learning, entertainment and other normal life, single-mindedly into the stock pile not only lost the fun of life, but also because far from real life and impossible to see the stock market.Keeping a reasonable distance from the stock market and making time for other things that interest you can be invigorating and clear-headed.And far from the virtual market away from the real society, the analysis of the problem will be more objective and accurate, fry stocks will be much more handy.A rich man, who had made his fortune in the stock market, watched his eight-year-old son catching birds in the yard.It was a simple catch, a small net, fixed with wire along the edges, in the shape of a hemispherical ball, held up at one end by sticks.There was a long rope tied to the stick, and the boy took the rope and hid in the house after throwing rice under the net.Soon some sparrows flew by, and the boy counted them, and there were thirteen of them!They must have been hungry for a long time, and soon eight sparrows came under the net.The millionaire motioned to the boy to pull the rope, but the boy did not.He quietly told the rich man that he would wait until the other five came in.After a while, the five didn’t go in, but four came out.The rich man again beckoned the child to pull quickly, but the child said, don’t be busy, another one walked into the rope.But then three more sparrows came out.The rich man said to him, if you pull the rope now, you can still play with one of them.But the boy did not seem content with his lost good fortune, and said, some must go back, and wait.Finally, even the last sparrow had eaten enough and went out. The boy was very sad.The rich man stroked the boy’s head and said lovingly, “Desire is endless, but opportunity is fleeting.Too often, instead of satisfying our desires, greed causes us to lose what we already have.”We all want to keep getting what we want, and as much as possible.However, this desire is very dangerous — the more you want, the more you have to lose.How the children here like in the stock market speculation retail investors, never think of “overnight wealth”, not practical!A lot of retail investors are not so?Retail investors are very easy to fall into the vicious circle of greed, profiting small profits but also Italy, double want to quadruple.After the completion of a wave of market, especially in the later stage of the market is desperately trying to earn the last profit of the market, can not grasp themselves and the rhythm in the transaction, often outweighed the loss, the correct trading profit was finally swallowed by greed, when sober, has lost the right to trade again.So it is very important to know whether the main force is washing dishes or shipping.Shipping and washing are two different concepts, shipping is the maker in profit after the chip distribution, after the shipment of stock prices will linger in the low for a long time;Wash dish is to wash off the unstable short – term chip, avoid stock price later pull high, short – term cast pressure to their own pressure.What is the main washing dish?How to judge the main wash dish?Main wash dish is the low-cost chips shock out, through other non-own retail or households to change hands, to raise the cost of chips, to easily pull high preparation.Main shipment form low shipment low shipment is a kind of forced shipment, banker has a strong shipment desire, may be related to cash or cash chain fracture forced out (at this time may not profit).The characteristics of the opening quickly pull high, and then all the way out of the field, large single small single up, showing an unabashed, determined out of the situation.Shipment, the stock center of gravity is gradually moving down, go up when the amount is little, drop when the volume.Sometimes, the banker intentionally graphics do ugly, but do not want to let others pick up cheap chips, so no matter K line is to receive dark cloud line, big Yin line, long shadow, cross star or four or five consecutive Yin line or even more, but its center of gravity will not move down from beginning to end.Instead when banker is shipping, sometimes can do the graph intentionally some better, collect much Yang line, but the center of gravity moves downward all the time however.Fishing line, often seen at the top of a rally because the stock has reached the main target and the main profit has been made;At the same time, as a result of continuous rise, market sentiment is quite excited, accumulated a large number of followers;And the main market that the end of the market.Too late to do high range shipment.At this time, the main force is willing to choose this method of shipment, fast and efficient, cash funds can be distributed on the market risk is relatively small stocks.The daily volume of the stage of the shipment of goods trading method “this technique is in the short term to pull up the stock price until the daily limit or close the daily limit, in the daily limit entrust 1 hanging out a huge amount of single to attract a follower plate sealing plate.Then will open a huge amount of chips all thrown to the receiving of the sealing plate and gradually withdraw single to the front of the sealing single huge entrust 1 slowly withdraw single to the back, it looks like the sealing surging, in fact, the use of secret Chen Cang method of shipping is very secret main wash plate form suction chip this suction chip is very fierce, but there must be a market with.Low absorption of daily trading volume is low when building cang, the disk does not see any trace of the main force, the stock price on the trend of unlimited decline or rapid decline even dropped to limit, is the main force obviously.Box type, flag type finishing washing plate box type finishing refers to when the stock price rises to a certain level, that is, the main pressure callback, down to another level and the main protection or new long absorption.The horizontal resistance line formed by the connection of the upper highs is parallel to the horizontal support line formed by the connection of the lower lows.Flag arrangement refers to the stock price rose to a considerable extent after the main began to control the price to suppress the share price, but the share price fell not much after the main began to protect or new long entered, the share price continues to rise.Retail investors can enjoy substantial gains if they understand the main intention.This kind of washing dish method often is the gimmick that long line zhuang is used to, be in a narrow interval namely long-term narrow range concussion, concussion cycle may be 3 months, the likelihood is half a year, also may last cycle longer, wear away the patience of retail investors namely.Continuous rain index line line closed a series of negative line, but the stock price did not significantly lower, every day close to each other, often build a small finishing platform, which is usually niu In the halftime break, the main force in washing dishes.W bottom, head and shoulder bottom concussion washing plate if confirmed W bottom breakthrough, one is to break through the neck line when rising.The second is that the quantity to the right of the second bottom needs to exceed the quantity to the left of the first bottom.Once the price rises through the resistance line in the head and shoulder bottom graph, there will be a relatively large rise.After breaking above the neck line, the price falls back to the neck support level again before surging higher.The final reversal signal is after the price has broken the neck line, seize the opportunity to join in, if not follow up then need to test the neck line support at the time of intervention.These two forms of volatility than box collation will be greater, the main force will use a deeper drop retail “cornered”.1, in the stock operation, avoiding and preventing risks is the first priority, but also the premise and guarantee of long-term success.In stock operation, following the trend of stock price is the second most important thing, but also the only way to survive in the market.Be sure to establish your own trading system, trading when there is a plan!Strictly carry out, high when leave field, low when enter, once wrong go immediately 4, in stock operation, the stock that buy must be if strong, heavy trend is not heavy price.A stock with a high price and a low indicator is much safer than a stock with a low price and a high indicator. Trend is our constant friend and basis.5, in the stock operation, only short – term operation and line operation of the points, there is no long – term operation.Before buying a stock, it is short – term operation or medium – line operation cannot be determined in advance.Only do bibcock, do not follow suit!The leading plate is a benchmark, the leading can accommodate the amount of capital is the largest, if the leading are not making money, then the other follower is less than money, remember the strong constant strong, weak constant weak.7, only make their own cognition of the money, the temptation is very much in the market, especially in this closest to the money of the market, when you want to earn what money, is often a prelude to huge losses, but also the beginning of your stock slave.