Gas company refused to supply gas bazhou City Bureau of Housing and Construction has coordinated to solve

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The Great Wall network · Jiyun client news (reporter Ceng Siyu) recently, Langfang netizen Mr. Wang to the Great Wall new media “ask politics Hebei” platform reflected the gas company refused to sell its natural gas problems.According to the reflector, he is a villager from Songying Village, Chaheji Township, Bazhou City, Langfang City. His family began to use natural gas in 2019, and the gas supply unit is Bazhou Shengli Shunda Gas Co., LTD.However, from the end of November 2021, the gas company staff told him that he would no longer supply gas to his house, because the net friend did not buy a wall-hanging stove from the gas company.”My family has been using natural gas since 2019, and NO one told me that I had to buy a designated wall-mounted stove to supply gas. Now my family cannot live normally without gas, so I hope relevant departments can help me solve the problem.”After receiving the appeal, Bazhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Construction made a reply: The bureau immediately instructed the gas management office to investigate and verify the situation, and the staff, together with the responsible comrade of the people’s government of Chaheji Township and the person in charge of the gas company, came to the reflector’s home to understand the basic situation in person.After verification, it was found that the family installed a gas meter in 2017 and a gas wall-mounted furnace in 2019, and began to purchase gas on August 17 of the same year.Recently, Bazhou Shengli Shunda Gas Co., Ltd. refused to provide gas for the reflector for not paying the cost of artificial materials. According to the relevant provisions of hebei Province Gas Management Regulations, our unit interviewed the person in charge of the gas company and ordered the gas company to make rectification. Now the gas supply has been restored for the reflector.My bureau staff undertook telephone return visit, reflection person expresses satisfaction to deal with result.The reporter contacted Mr. Wang, who said the gas company had filled 900 cubic meters of gas into the wall-mounted furnace at home, and the gas supply was normal.The Great Wall new media platform “Politics in Hebei” is the general platform for party and government organs and leading cadres to take online mass line in Hebei Province.Listen carefully to the aspirations of netizens, comprehensive interpretation of the benefit of the people’s policy, to help you solve the problems encountered in life.I want to complain that in your life and work, if you have any suggestions or need help in safeguarding your rights, you can tell us your needs through the following ways.1. Click “I have a Demand” through the column “Political Inquiry hebei” of Great Wall Website (;2. Follow the wechat official account of Politics Inquiry Hebei (ID: YgWSzTC) and click “I have a Demand”;3. Download the Jiyun app and click “I have a Demand” through the column of “Ask Politics”.