Out the window

2022-06-13 0 By

This damned road when can not traffic jam, sitting in the car I impatiently looked at this like ants crawling car, blocked in this road has half an hour of time, the front of the car or did not move the meaning, the joy of going home early by this congestion of traffic wear away.Light a cigarette for oneself boring vomit smoke ring to look around, for a long time did not see this city, leave a short half a year time this city has changed a lot of appearance.At this time a beautiful shadow outside the car window left and right my line of sight, I leng Leng stare at that figure, the shadow in the depths of memory gradually overlap with her, how long?Ten years?Ten years of memories suddenly flooded into my mind, just like the traffic jam, blocking my brain, I could not think, can only stare at the figure.She is so beautiful, she is still the same, and I remembered 10 years she did not change too much, just that a head of elegant long hair gone, remember she likes wearing skirts, always in front of me show off her new dress, while walking the catwalk said to me “this life a person wear a skirt for you”, then I moved to embrace her,I kissed her red lips greedily and told her I would try to buy her all the dresses in the world, but I didn’t keep the promise I made for her.Today she is not wearing a skirt, but a pair of white jeans and one of the most popular biker jackets of the year, riding a Giant bike and waiting smartly in front of the red and green.Her appearance attracted countless admiring eyes around, including me here, because this figure is I once had, but I lost her.At this time I will still be this figure enchanted, but I did not have the courage to get off to approach her, I would like to ask her why she gave up so easily, as long as she can give me a little more time, I am still hers.How can I blame her, if it is not their original indulgence, not their own insincerity will not hurt her so deep, and she has never blamed me, no blame me.She said that she would not appear in my life any more and would completely disappear in my sight. She did it. For ten years I had no news of her.Gradually I gave up looking for her action, peace of mind to get married and have children, her deeply engraved in the bottom of my heart.But today, this beautiful beautiful figure appeared in my eyes, how want to know whether she is still wearing a skirt for me?But I had lost the right to ask. I had broken my promise to buy her all the dresses in the world, but I was buying dresses for another woman.How can I face her when my treachery broke her heart?All I could do was look at the figure I had missed for ten years and re-imprint her in the deepest part of my memory.Perhaps it was god’s pity that the congested traffic began to ease, and the green light lit up after the red light. She got on her bicycle and drove forward. My car was in the same direction with her.I shouted to the driver to slow down, but she was already behind me. I turned and looked out the back window until I couldn’t see her anymore.I slowly turned around and silently lit a cigarette for myself, exhaling circles of smoke to relieve the traffic jam of my ten years of memory and replace the deepest thoughts in my heart.