3 Signs a Person is Beginning to be highly disciplined

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“Self-discipline,” says The Road Less Traveled, “is a process of self-improvement in which the pain of giving up is as intense as facing death.”Self-discipline is really difficult, but dare to grasp the difficulties, to master the initiative in life.A high degree of self-discipline begins when a person begins to do the following three things.Zhang Lixian, a famous writer, said, “Everyone has his favorite book, but don’t limit yourself to that.”If we only read the books we like, we will only accept the same values forever. It is difficult to improve our cognitive level, and it is easy to become narrow and boring.My friend Wenwen likes reading very much, so he borrowed books from the library.I asked her if she could recommend any books she liked because she had read so many.She said she didn’t have a favorite book, because the books she read were useful and valuable to herself.Many of the books she reads she doesn’t like, and she keeps reading them because they are valuable to her and can make her better.Even though it was difficult at times, she watched patiently.It is these useful books that she does not like to read that enrich her knowledge.Fan Deng once said, “If you only read books that you can understand, or only read books that you are interested in, you will easily fall into the trap of stock skills.”If you read what you like, you tend to be led by your interests.Highly disciplined people will actively read books they don’t like but that are useful to them, and they will embrace different values.Reading favorite books, is easy to enjoy, is a kind of fun;Reading a book you don’t like is a form of self-discipline.”I am willing to do that kind of routine work, even if it is quite boring,” said Pony Ma, chairman and CEO of Tencent.I think this is one of the reasons for Ma huateng’s success. Even though the routine work is boring and he doesn’t like it, he is willing to finish it because it is the right thing.If one day you are faced with things that you don’t like but are right, and start working hard to do them, that is the beginning of self-discipline.I had a classmate in high school who was recognized as the most fond of learning and the most self-disciplined. He was always on the way of learning or going to learn. He kept doing exercises and reciting words every day.When someone asked him how he could enjoy studying, his answer surprised everyone.He said he didn’t like studying at all. He didn’t like memorizing boring English words and doing boring math tests.But he understands that learning is the right thing to do at this stage. Even if he doesn’t like it, he will try to do it and overcome it no matter how difficult it is.Finally, he was admitted to a key university and realized his goal.We all love doing simple things that we love, but it’s hard to get better at them.The more right things are, the more difficult it may be to do, but the more you do the things you don’t like but should do, the more unexpected gains and achievements you will get.Many things in the world are not satisfactory, but as long as it is right we should try to do.Not only will this give us a boost, it’s also the beginning of a high level of self-discipline.Say goodbye to happy but ineffective Socializing Roland says, “Consider people who are in the same boat as your friends, not those who benefit from it.”In my opinion, this is also a way to say goodbye to ineffective social interactions, which are a waste of time even though they make us happy.Instead of spending time maintaining these relationships, spend time improving yourself.A netizen on Zhihu shared his personal experience. He often went out during college and never said no to friends’ invitations.This life is easy and happy, and he enjoys it very much, but at the same time it is also very degenerate.He knew he couldn’t go on like this forever, so he decided to make a change.He began to decline invitations to hang out with his friends and stopped spending time on ineffective social activities.He began to devote all his time to studying and improving himself.Although this is not as easy as eating and drinking, but let him gain something.Highly disciplined people value their time so much that they refuse to engage in ineffective social interactions and waste time and energy on boring people and events.They know that focusing on improving themselves is the best thing they can do right now, and that happy but ineffective social relationships are a waste of time.Saying goodbye to social interactions that make you happy but don’t work is a sign that a person has become highly disciplined.Bernard Shaw said: Self-control is the strongest instinct.Only highly disciplined people know what they should do and what they should not do, so as to control themselves and become strong.Every time self-discipline, there will be a little pain, but again and again not self-discipline, will only bring a low point in life.We’d rather lose to a powerful enemy than lose to an out-of-control self.May each of us learn self-discipline and improve.