70-year-old man brought back to life by pesticide blood purification

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The ICU medical staff of Guidong County People’s Hospital is carrying out blood purification for Zhong.Rednet moment news on March 24 (Reporter Zhang Meng, correspondent Yang Jing) On March 22, from Shatan Town, Guidong County, Chenzhou city, nearly 70 years old Zhong mou with a smile in the county people’s hospital for discharge procedures.No one thought that half a month ago she accidentally ingested pesticides and narrowly escaped death.”Ask ICU team to prepare for rescue.”One day in early March, the ICU unit of Guidong County People’s Hospital received an urgent call.When the patient Zhong was sent to this department, she was already in a deep coma. It had been more than an hour since she had been poisoned by pesticide by accident. After gastric lavage, vomiting and drainage, she was still in a coma after detoxification with iodophrazine and atropine, so it was considered that Zhong was suffering from acute pesticide poisoning (severe) and toxic encephalopathy.Therefore, guo Huicheng, director of ICU department, led the team to immediately establish vascular access for her, implement bedside hemoperfusion + hemfiltration, and monitor her vital signs. Zhong finally regained consciousness after two days of coma, and was transferred to a general ward for recovery treatment after 5 days of active treatment. Finally, she recovered and was discharged.Blood purification in daily life, also known as dialysis, it is the patient’s blood out of the body and through a purification device, remove some pathogenic substances in the blood, purify the blood, to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.Blood purification includes hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, immunoadsorption, etc.With the development and improvement of blood purification technology, hemoperfusion technology has been widely used in clinical practice.Our county people’s hospital ICU intensive care units in October 2020, the introduction of bedside blood purification apparatus that blood filter, invited the municipal expert guidance to the college while sending department personnel go out learning education, the department has smoothly blood purification in 50 cases, to ensure our county AKI, end-stage renal disease, poisoning from medicines and poisons such as life, health and safety of patients.Source: Rednet author: Zhang Meng Yang Jing Editor: Zhou Yilin This article is an original article of Hunan Channel, reprinted please attach the original source link and this statement.This paper links: http://hn.rednet.cn/content/2022/03/24/11046302.html