A scenic spot in Nanjing is popular, with a long history and large scale, and deeply loved by local citizens

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Has a long history of nanjing, a scenic spot, the size and was deeply loved by local citizen of nanjing city is full of their own culture charm and rich historical culture city, in the modern society, the development of the tourism industry has achieved relatively good achievement, in the long so stay during the development process of a variety of 11 sets as a category of the now famous tourism,Cut and exist, favored by tourists.To introduce today is located in a local has a profound historical background of ancient architectural complexes, and the complex itself has a unique charm, but to a certain extent, promote the development of the local tourism industry, for the modernization of nanjing metropolis construction has played a vital role, the ancient building is located in nanjing qinhuai district of chaotian palace.A scenic spot in Nanjing is popular, with a long history and large scale, which is deeply loved by local citizens. It is no exaggeration to say that the development course of this building complex can be said to witness the development and change of the whole Nanjing to the greatest extent. Therefore, such a profound historical background and high status can imagine how magnificent the scenic spot is.Came to the scenic area, the first thing you see is a large area of the 29 m dacheng doors, it is said that in the hierarchical society, people of different identities to take different door to enter, so with this cultural characteristics and saved, which is fairly typical in connotation, is important in the years development course of cultural treasures.Then came the most worthy of integration of Dacheng Hall, as the main building in the whole temple, so both in terms of design layout and overall cultural connotation are far ahead of other buildings in the scenic area.The whole scenic area has a huge wooden column on both sides, and the terrace is surrounded by stone carved columns, the appearance of the look, with absolute magnificent extraordinary appearance.In terms of conception, it can best reflect the intelligence of the working people in ancient China and the hierarchical system at that time.The exterior of the whole building is mostly red walls and yellow tiles. Such a bright color contrast naturally adds to the charm of the scenic spot, while at the same time, it also shows the sacred and inviolable hierarchy to some extent.This scenic spot has the reputation of the no.1 scenic spot in Jinling. As a national famous four-A-level tourist attraction, it has been highly valued and protected by the local government due to its rich historical connotation.Therefore, it is not surprising that such a scenic spot with profound historical deposits and distinct cultural characteristics has become a pillar of the local tourism industry.If you are interested, you can go there during your leisure time to experience it.