From “big kids” to “heart-warming people”, bao ‘an University student volunteers let the light of youth shine in the fight against the epidemic

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Where there is need to have volunteers for days in baoan epidemic prevention and control of a line of many figures of the college students volunteer for the first time to join in their own epidemic prevention youth commando some in nucleic acid sample point tacit understanding partner providing services some first apply to join the volunteer team to participate in anti epidemic has some use their knowledge to help improve the efficiency of data entry…These daily “big boy” grow into service in campus residents of the masses “warm heart person” the truth with love gathering strength to deliver the warm let shining in the glow of youth in the war plague “make contributions for epidemic prevention, tired is also worth” “hello, vaccination, please line up here” “please wear a face mask” “please keep 1 meter interval, don’t crowded”…New crown vaccination in songgang street sports center point wearing a “red waistcoat” college student volunteers help to carry out the order maintenance work of the route guidance, information registration to provide all kinds of help the residents in vaccination in songgang sa wai street community nucleic acid testing point can see the figure of college student volunteers busy Cai Junqian is guangdong finance &trade vocational college students in songgang street last summer vacation”Tired is a little tired, but as a contemporary college student, I can do my best to contribute to the epidemic prevention in the holiday, I think it is very worthwhile.”Songgang street Cai Junqian said there are more and more youth to come together around the community neighborhood, nucleic acid testing point such as vaccination to fully demonstrate young college students to bear the self-confidence of youth, youth as contributing to fight the outbreak of the youth power with practical action to show the contemporary youth strong social sense of responsibility “sisters” in understanding sampling points in nucleic acid airdropping mori tian street community nucleic acidTest sample point pair of college students “sisters” wore masks, protective mask in medical protective clothing for nucleic acid and code of the masses, cotton swab Ma Zihan annual early morning and Ma Zhuoling sisters see fortuna’s volunteer group of street recruiting epidemic prevention volunteers came to the community early quickly applied to the nucleic acid testing sample point waiting for arrange Ma Zihan recall the day the sky is still not cold air comesIn the afternoon, under the guidance of the medical staff, the two sisters officially “went to work”. The elder sister Ma Zihan was responsible for scanning the code and the younger sister Ma Zhuoling was responsible for distributing cotton swabbing and maintaining order.From the second day to the sixth day of the lunar New Year, the sisters arrived at their posts on time every afternoon. People came to collect samples. The sisters sometimes worked from the afternoon until 10 p.m.Ma Zihan admitted that although she was doing nothing, she felt very valuable when her efforts were recognized. Ma Zhuolin introduced that she had participated in volunteer activities in school before.And more regular the volunteer service is particularly special to fight disease He applied to be volunteers from junior to people for four consecutive days of 9 am and 6 PM Li Weibin strive for cultural park in emerald green hills, the nucleic acid samples to help residents to participate in the nucleic acid samples to maintain team order again and again patience guide residents in advance ready to qr code “on the first day to see the news about the outbreak,”I am anxious to participate in voluntary quarantine service and contribute to the epidemic.”Li Weibin grew up in fuyong fuyong street community volunteer he applied to be online for epidemic prevention baoan volunteers and find fuyong street volunteer league through treasure on App phone to apply for “duty” everything comes to him who waits ahead under the efforts of Li Weibin fuyong street volunteer league “abnormality” hired him as a volunteer as a senior student Li Weibin in when I was in collegeEmergency rescue knowledge skills training and rescue certificate issued by the China Red Cross is now a corporate internship NianChuQi work after he also insisted on using evening and weekend time for epidemic prevention volunteer service he said happily: “I am now a formally registered volunteers, I want to use their own a little action to protect their homes, protect people.”Play a special skillContribute to work for disease resistance KuangYuLing shajing street is a college student often use vacation time to participate in the baoan volunteering this year annual grade that need volunteers support shajing street in epidemic prevention work when she reached out to register then add flow during the group shall be responsible for the data sorting KuangYuLing make full use of university knowledge in the process of sorting data to optimize data collection form”During this volunteer work, I felt the hard work of frontline workers.At the same time, I am very happy to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work.”Kuang yuling admitted that like Kuang, Wang Shaoran, a sophomore student of Hohhot Medical College in this winter vacation, has always stuck to his volunteer service position in Bao ‘an. Before that, Wang Shaoran volunteered to help patients, especially the elderly, infirm, disabled, pregnant and other special groups, register and pay fees at health station U of Bao ‘an People’s Hospital.After the outbreak of the epidemic, she went to the nucleic acid sampling site of Xin ‘an Park to help sweep codes and guide citizens to queue up for sampling. “Participating in the anti-epidemic volunteer service has enriched my winter vacation life,” she said.These busy figure just baoan many college students in epidemic prevention and control the epitome of volunteer service they are active in each DNA sample point community bayonet, vaccination, resistance to disease, such as a line with the actual operation practice and carry forward the “dedication, love, mutual aid and progress” of volunteer spirit to bear devotion to silently to reveal the name of youth ecru compose numerous moving song of youth, E”Youth Shenzhen” wechat, Douyin, Kuaishou, B station, video number