Highway information of siping Branch of High-speed public security bureau on February 18

2022-06-14 0 By

Friday, February 18th.At present, the Changchun to Siping section of the Beijing-Harbin expressway and the Liujiaguanzi to Shiling section of the Jiashuang expressway pass smoothly, and toll stations and service areas along the expressway can be used normally.Today area along the weather cloudy, low temperature.Here to remind drivers friends to pay attention to cold and warm before travel, check the vehicle condition in advance, plan the travel route in advance.In case of snow, slow down, keep distance and drive carefully.If you encounter any difficulties or have any problems on the highway, you can call the provincial highway command and Dispatch center’s 24-hour alarm and rescue phone number 0431-12122 or 0431-96122.Finally, I wish you all a safe journey.