Inside yellow discipline inspection commission supervision commission: focus on the main responsibility of the main industry to strengthen supervision and inspection

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Henan Daily Rural Edition (Qin Mingfang, Correspondent Zhang Chenguang, Gan Lin) March 24, neihuang County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the commission led a delegation dispatched to the Commission for Discipline inspection and supervision of the Health Commission, ma Shang Township Health hospital pre-examination triage, fever sentinel, outpatient clinic one person one clinic, medical personnel nucleic acid test frequency and other conditions for supervision and inspection.Health centers are urged to raise awareness, give full play to the role of sentinel early warning, and strictly and meticulously implement epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure people’s safety and health.”Serious supervision, in the county party committee propaganda department of disciplinary watchdog group based on a detailed inspection, in-depth line and timely perform the function localization, the joint county cultural market enforcement team in the Internet bar, KTV, theaters and other closed closed on the leisure entertainment is conducting supervision and inspection, to provide a strong discipline built on epidemic prevention and control of defense.The discipline inspection and supervision teams of the Public Security Bureau were dispatched to neihuang County detention centers and detention centers to supervise and inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures by listening to the reports of the persons in charge of the detention centers and detention centers and visiting the closed and isolated places of the auxiliary civil police before taking office.The township commission for Discipline inspection comprehensively supervised the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures in kindergartens under its jurisdiction, including the spirit of the epidemic prevention and control documents from the higher level and the routine prevention and control measures in the park.Editor: Lao Qin